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    How come the editor recommends all of the dog food in these stars but most are still considered bad or just alright to all of you? So what is it, are they bad, good or just alright?

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    All of the above. I would personally consider 3 star foods ok, 4 star foods better, and 5 star foods as very good. The food gets a higher star rating when it has more meat in it (and less red colored ingredients), but that doesn’t mean there is not a good 3 star food – meaning one that doesn’t have alot of red colored ingredients listed. A 3 star food can have good ingredients and just be lower in meat. There is a large spectrum for dog foods. So a food starting somewhere in the middle of this spectrum is still recommended.

    But a dog food is only really good if your dog does well on it. Some of my fosters don’t do well on 5 star foods. They eat 3.5-4.5 star foods.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Some of the posters here are just a little picky. Don’t let it deter you though. If you can feed a 5 star food that’s fantastic, but if you can only feed a 3 or 4 star food there’s no reason to feel bad – your dog will still be eating a better quality food then most dogs! And, as Sandy said, you also need to consider how well your dog does on the food. While I do personally feel that the vast majority of dogs will thrive on a high protein, low carbohydrate food (like those rated 5 stars) some people find that their dogs simply can’t tolerate the higher protein and fat content of most of the 5 star foods.

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    There are quite a few 5 star foods that I wouldn’t ever feed my dogs, and a few 3 star foods that I would be perfectly happy for 2 of the 3 to eat, except that I feel mean when one is eating top of the line and the other 2 have to settle, so they all end up eating top of the line. I had to work hard to figure out what 1 of mine does best on and I prefer to recommend what I think is the best, but most of us understand budget constraints and can unbend enough to recommend some good quality less expensive foods. And I believe that all of us recognize that different dogs need different things out of their food.

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    Jackie B

    A 3 star food is average for that type of food. Your average DRY dog food may not be as good as your average RAW or WET dog food. So a 3 star wet or raw dog food may be superior to a 3 star dry food. I typically look for 4 or 5 star rated foods within the category that I feed to my two dogs.

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