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    I have a German shepherd that’s been on orijens for the last 3 years of his life.
    He’s not finicky. He’ll literally eat anything. We were told by his breeder to give him this brand, which we’ve done for his entire life.
    We recently adopted a Pomeranian puppy. 3 months old. We got him on Nature’s Variety, recommended by a store employee. It’s the same brand that makes the frozen versions.

    Now I’m thinking I either switch them both on one brand. I don’t know what I was thinking. Orijens makes a puppy version meanwhile, Nature’s Variety is an all age type.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi fortunatecookie –

    Lucky dogs – Orijen and NV Instinct are my two favorite kibbles. I feed raw now, but when I fed kibble my dog did far better on these two foods than on any others. Both are labeled for “All Life Stages.” The AAFCO recognizes two nutrient profiles: growth and maintenance. If a food meets the more stringent “growth” requirement the company can choose to label it as “All Life Stages” rather then “Puppy” or “Growth.” So a food labeled for all life stages is the same as a puppy food. Personally, I wouldn’t switch to one brand. Feeding one brand continuously is very unhealthy – dogs, like people, need variety, there is no “perfect” food. Both are wonderful foods so I would rotate both dogs between brands and maybe even pick out a third brand to rotate in occasionally.

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