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    Carolyn W

    I’ve kept her on dry dog food as long as I could, but she just went through a bit of a sick spell and I noticed that when she threw up she had whole pieces of food in her tummy. I’m also noticing that she’s lost a bit of weight and when I popped into the vet today they confirmed she’s down just over half a pound. I’ve made my own food for her before when she broke her jaw but she seemed to have mild allergies to everything I used. (Except her banana oatmeal and cottage cheese breakfasts.)

    What would you recommend for an alternative to dry dog food? She also eats apples, pears, bananas and blackberries as snacks so I’m looking for something that might be a bit higher in the meat/protein. I’ve always had her on some version of lamb dry kibble and was leaning towards either the Kirkland or the Castor and Pollex. (Both based on the review I read on this wonderful site!) She could stand to gain a full pound too but I have to be careful as she has a slight heart murmur and I don’t want it to get worse.

    Thanks for the help!

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    You can use canned, dehydrated or ground raw (pre made or ground from hare today, reel raw or my pet carnivore)

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    You can also put dry through a coffee grinder and then add water, but that isn’t really the best solution. At her age, she needs to be eating foods that have plenty of moisture in them. And she may not produce the stomach acid that she once did so you might want to add 1/2 tablespoon of unprocessed apple cider vinegar for every one cup of food.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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