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Hound Dog Mom

Hi suresh.pm –

I understand your concerns about meat quality in dog food. I’ve settled on making a homemade diet for my dogs with human-grade meat. If you’re really concerned about the quality of meat your dog is consuming this could be an option. You can buy meat from the grocery store and make your own food from scratch, utilize a vitamin/mineral mix (See Spot Liver Longer Dinner Mix, Wysong Call of the Wild, U-Stew, etc.) or pre-mix (The Honest Kitchen’s Preference, Urban Wolf, Grandma Lucy’s, etc.). There is a company called The Honest Kitchen that makes certified human-grade dehydrated food and a company called Weruva that makes certified human-grade canned food. I agree with Patty though, I personally feel meat should comprise a large portion of a dog’s diet. If you do go vegetarian be very careful. It’s important that you get a food from a reputable company or have a homemade diet formulated by a veterinarian or nutritionist or your dog could be missing out on very important nutrients.