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Dr. Tim, what do you think of this, when we took Butch in to vet, we thought he had a knocked out tooth from hard play with our son (Butch has a green soft rubber ball he loves), there was blood in the back of his mouth, that is when the vet saw all the hives on all of his body and the bleeding that was forming under his body out into his skin, even the whites of his eyes. Butch loves to play ball and my son who is 22 loves to play with him. I found myself constantly telling them to settle down, I would tell my son, you are playing too hard with the dog, you are the adult, you have to see when it is getting too much for the dog! The dog wants his ball thrown, kicked, tossed, whatever he can talk you into doing. Anyway, this is what has occured to me might be going on, in part possibly, Urticaria? Thanks. Beth

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