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My shih tzu Leo goes through this every late summer into fall, and I have yet figure out why. My vet suspects seasonal allergies affecting his internal systems. Hes been thyroid tested had all kinds of bloodwork done etc. When this happens I have to give him a acid reducer half a pill in AM and half at night before bed. She also prescribes Metroclopramide it helps slow down the emptying of the stomach. Has he had and allergy testing done skin scratch testing done ? When my guy starts vomiting he can only keep down Wellness chicken or turkey and sweet potato canned food other brands make him throw up. He can only eat kibble that is super small. Is the food whole when he vomits ? Is it immedietly after eating maybe Mega Esophogus ? I’m sure they would of found that out by now, poor guy he sounds miserable. I know what its like to clean up vomit everyday its awful. I know the allergy thing is way out there but you never know. Good luck hope you find answers soon