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    Im desperate, I really need help with my dog, he is such a good dog, lovely, well behaved, he is the perfect dog, but i dont know what to do with him any more. He pukes all the food that he eats all the time.

    We have taken him to several vets, they have done all possible testing and everything is ok, we have tried all kind of food, human food, rice and chicken, all kind of food that you can imagine, all brands, puppy, senior and nothing works.

    He throws up all the time, it is so hard to live like that because is not his fault but its very annoying to come home and see all the place covered with puke.

    He is a Yellow lab, about 9 years old, he is gorgeous and we love him, but we don’t know what to do with him anymore…

    I really need help, we have been dealing with it for about 2 years but its frustraing and we need help. Do you know where can i go or what to do?

    I really appreciate your help with this

    Paola Velandia
    [email protected]

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    Have you ever tried canned, dehydrated, or raw?

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    Hello Pattyvaughn,

    Yes, we have tried canned food for all kind of dogs, puppy, sensitive stomach, senior. All kind of dry food of all existing brands, chicken and rice as some other vet recommended and its always the same, its good for a couple of days, and then he vomits again. With some food, he vomits the food as not even processed, and some others is just water, large quantities of water. We do not know what else to try and what is wrong with him 🙁

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    A few things come to mind as we have dealt with this in the past with our dogs. Has your dog been treated for whipworms? Sometimes a fecal test won’t show positive for whipworms as they go on a cycle, but the dog may still have them, and throwing up is one of the main symptoms. A dog may also have a rough coat, blood in the stool, etc., but not always.
    Did they do an ultrasound and bloodwork to rule out a blockage or cancer?
    How is the vomiting being managed? There is a drug, cerenia, which is a dog motion sickness drug that is often prescribed for vomiting. It really helped one of our dogs. She was miserable with vomiting, and this drug controlled it when nothing else worked. I don’t know how long a dog can take this drug, but the vet should know. A couple of other things that helped were Perfect Form, a supplement made by The Honest Kitchen as well as the Honest Kitchen dog food. You might also talk to a holistic vet.
    If all the above issues have been addressed, I would ask the vet about IBD. One nutritionist develops homemade diets for dogs that end up with this diagnosis, as well as other things. Her name is Monica Segal, and she has a blog as well as a yahoo group.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you Germansheppups for your reply!

    Yes, they have done all kind of tests, blood, ultra sound, they also gave him a liquid to see if something was blocking his system, and nothing, no cancer, no illnesses, he is very healthy but very skinny because he vomits all the time.

    We gave him all kind of medication and only one worked which was brought from a South American country, but we cant give him that all his life. He was on it for like a month and at the end of the month he was vomiting maybe once a week which was amazing. But, i don’t think is healthy for him to be in that med all his life.
    I will check with the vet about the whipworms and also for the Cerenia and see if they have tried that already, if not then get the prescription for it. He pukes a lot of water that we don’t even know where it comes from, even thought we give him several times in small dosages otherwise he would puke all day long water. Sometimes we give him PeptoBismol and that helps for the day, but if we do not give it to him, then its just the same….

    I will check on that food and see if that helps, thank you so much for your reply, i will let you know if we can finally find a cure form him…

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    I’m glad he didn’t have any of those issues. I would think they already treated him for whipworms, but since sometimes it doesn’t show up on a fecal, they may not have. It’s prob worth a try. When you ask the vet about cerenia, you might also ask about pepcid. We used that with one of our sheps as well. Let us know how it goes!

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    My shih tzu Leo goes through this every late summer into fall, and I have yet figure out why. My vet suspects seasonal allergies affecting his internal systems. Hes been thyroid tested had all kinds of bloodwork done etc. When this happens I have to give him a acid reducer half a pill in AM and half at night before bed. She also prescribes Metroclopramide it helps slow down the emptying of the stomach. Has he had and allergy testing done skin scratch testing done ? When my guy starts vomiting he can only keep down Wellness chicken or turkey and sweet potato canned food other brands make him throw up. He can only eat kibble that is super small. Is the food whole when he vomits ? Is it immedietly after eating maybe Mega Esophogus ? I’m sure they would of found that out by now, poor guy he sounds miserable. I know what its like to clean up vomit everyday its awful. I know the allergy thing is way out there but you never know. Good luck hope you find answers soon

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