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Hound Dog Mom

Actually, you’re very incorrect. 🙂

1) Raw diets are high in moisture – one of the main reasons they’re more species-appropriate.

2) Species-appropriate raw diets do not contain starches and grains.

3) Species-appropriate diets are high in protein (>40%)

4) Raw diets contain living foods with intact enzymes – cooked kibbles do not.

5) Canine Caviar contains meat meals, if you think they’re dehydrated. Meat meals are cooked at EXTREMELY high temperatures the RECOOKED in the kibble – about as processed as you can get.

6) There also is not a whole lot of animal-based protein in this with the chickpeas being so high on the ingredients list (which is why this food is not rated 5 stars). Raw diets contain predominantly animal-based protein (>90%) – I would guesstimate this food at ~70% animal-based protein, at the most.

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