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Kim V

I know this feed is older, but I found it when I was actually looking for hemp seed allergies. I’m making lightly cooked homemade dog food which has made a world of difference for my 3 dogs. They are so shiny and healthy now. No more yeasty ears and head shaking. I’ve been playing the which protein, veggies, and oils can they have game though and each dog has had difficulty with different things. One fish oil, another sweet potatoes, and all of them hemp oil. The point of my post is that I wanted to let people know there is food allergy testing that is affordable online with great reviews. I am going to do the 5Strands test for food allergies for $88. I may do the food and environmental, but with 3 dogs $148 is a little steep. I hope everyone has figured out what works for their furbabies.

Recent Replies