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Hi j D,

Wow! Such interesting information! I have no real knowledge of the legal system, so I found this post very enlightening. Would sending copies of emails to the law firms involved in this issue be perhaps the best thing to do?

Bugs. Apparently, a big problem with these “body part” chew bars and such. Apparently, common recommendations to retailers are to freeze all stock, use galvanized steel, and add things such as bay leaves, diatomaceous earth, essential oil sprays and pheromone moth traps into and around displays. The interesting thing is some retailers are reporting decreased sales if the products are packaged … so some remove the manufacturer’s packaging.

Also, I couldn’t agree more regarding the need for direct “eyes on the dog supervision” whenever dogs are chewing certain types of materials. With rawhide I used flat flexible sheets larger than the dog’s head and I’ve even pre-softened a bit with water to prevent gum injury.

Sadly, like you, “My trust in companies and stores has depleted more and more in recent years” It is disheartening. I think there are some good people out there in retail, but I don’t think many have the skill set needed to objectively evaluate information and some seem to become quite defensive when someone else does the leg work and finds things they apparently do not want to see or know.