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j D

ATTENTION ALL – I encourage anyone who believes this item/company is a hazard to IN WRITING, reach out to any and all companies that sells the product/brand. Perhaps ALSO email or write the company itself directly. PUT THEM ON NOTICE. Perhaps the more people the better.

KEY – Include in your concern these TWO phrases:
And first word in the subject line, use the word URGENT to grab attention of the email receiver.

The two phrase are LEGAL terms that are often taken seriously by HQ’s and or should be, because they are meant to hold people to a certain standard in the legal world and thus getting an email or letter w/these words being used, SHOULD prompt any and all responsible stores, companies to actually address this concern and to do so in a timely manner or else be held liable if something bad happens.

Time is of the essence is essentially a legal term that encourages prompt attention, using that phrase shows a future judge that whomever is using the term is COMMUNICATING the need for promptness.

The phrase “on notice” essentially COMMUNICATES that whomever is receiving the concern is as of the date, AWARE and ALERTED of a concern and hence now anyone made aware of the concern and not taking appropriate action to mitigate the hazard, fix the hazard, can be held LEGALLY responsible, w/much more certainty than someone who claims in a legal battle that they were not aware and makes the claim that they had no idea that their product on their shelves was a hazard.

Having this all in writing and pointing out in the email/letter to them, that not only are they “on notice” but that the email/letter serves as clear and concise documentation that can and WILL be made available for any and every court case that results from this product, thus it would behoove any all store owners and the company selling this item to FIX the concern PROMPTLY or potentially lose big and lose swiftly.

As I recall it was Amy who had done all the great research, perhaps she could provide somewhere that people could send a copy of these emails/letters that they have sent to store owners and the main company, so that if there ever be a need, the proper authorities wont have to seek them out and potentially miss out on having them to use in court.

Worth noting, it is a common strategy for attorneys to defend their clients by telling judges their client had no idea they were doing anything wrong. it is then upon the claimant, that is to say the person/people who filed the lawsuit, to then move forward and PROVE that actually the company did indeed know they were doing something wrong.

Defendants attorneys do NOT offer up guilt, the attorneys job is to DEFEND their client, which in so many cases in so many courts, equates to NOT honesty and accountability but rather defendants are advised to deny, deny, deny, unless and until they are FORCED by a judge to provide specific documents. Until then, its a war of attrition, a game of deny, deny, deny, make the claimant do the work, provide the proof to PROVE the case of wrong doing. That said, a claimant will have no way of knowing that anyone has put the company or stores on notice unless at some point the judge orders the company or store to hand over whatever documents the claimants attorneys request. That means tho a good attorney will need to request to see any kind of letter, emails, etc, indication that the company (or store) was aware the product was a hazard. A good atty would also look into complaints filed about the company and this is where it would be helpful if Amy could provide somewhere that people can simply forward a copy of their concern emails TO as simply as possible so that they can be sitting somewhere meaningful on file as a record for any future atty to use easily to hold the company and stores accountable.

I almost purchased one of these “no hide” items recently. I was thrilled to discover these in the store. My first impression, I was disappointed and disgusted that there was no wrapper on them, but I minimized and dismissed my concern and was begrudgingly willing to try one despite no wrapper. As I was picking one out, suddenly a bug flew out of one and into another and I was so disgusted I opted NOT to get one after all because my concern at that point was that bug could be laying eggs inside of those, which could not only be ingested by my pet but also be released into my house and or that bug could be transmitting a disease that could harm my pet. When I saw on this post someone had a similar experience, of seeing I think it was called a “skin bug” it reassured me after reading Amy’s extensive research, that these are likely rawhides merely being marketed as no hide.

My trust in companies and stores has depleted more and more in recent years. WARNING, we really cant trust the hype. That “no hide” website was SO charming, so inviting and its just yet another example of how just like w/so much these days, politics, food, household items, just about everything , MARKETING, is designed and in place, to make things, people, products, SEEM, SO good, so trustworthy, MARKETING w/words, pictures, its all a big game, pull our strings, telling us what they think we want to hear, to manipulate and get us to buy their candidate, their product, support them in their endeavors, them gaining profits, gaining power, and we end up being negatively impacted as a result of their lies and or their carelessness. IMHO, so many of us have been wired to trust and believe that if its in a store, if its on TV, if they tell me what I want to hear, then it must be okay. Nope. it is upon each of us to SEEK OUT the facts from reliable sources ESEPECIALLY for upcoming elections and not just trust what we are being told and being sold in politics and on packaging, TV and social media, ads, etc. Facts ARE available as Amy discovered in this instance, people just have to be willing to do a little digging to seek out facts, to question and to push back when things do NOT seem or feel right or seem to good to be true.

For pets, when in doubt, I suggest check w/vets. These days I have multiple vets and I check w/several of them when I have a question, as they each have different opinions, experience and education, they tho are just one resource. I compare their answers, and go w/what seems logical and wise to me, I also rely largely on my own common sense to make decisions. I too tho am far too often too trusting. I am so thankful I saw that bug fly in and out of that “no hide” that day, cause that bug flipped my common sense “switch” back on after I dismissed my instinct about no wrapper being acceptable. For me, no wrapper was in no way acceptable for my pet and yet I was willing to trust the company’s decision to offer a treat w/no wrapper over my own instinct. We as a society are naive far too often in this way. Im “training” lol myself to NOT be so naive. That bug was yet another training lesson for me.

BTW I have seen comments here about HOW to give dogs rawhides… to me, common sense is that dogs are similar to toddlers, and thus it is my responsibility to keep mine safe in similar ways as a toddler when out and about, in the car, when feeding, around stairs, etc. It is my understanding that in toddler day care there is a rule that if something can fit through a toilet paper tube, then it can be a choking hazard for a toddler. That said, I literally sit w/my dogs when they have gotten rawhides in the past because they are each different in their chewing habits. One is a gulper, so I have to be especially careful w/him and have had to in the past, save him from choking on a rawhide that he was simply swallowing as is his instinct to do when it gets to a size he feels should be swallowed. I have learned from that terrifying experience. We as people learn as we go. So many of us don’t realize that each dog is different. Some just swallow, some chew, sometime habits change from day to day. One never knows when something bad will happen, so its upon us to make time and sit and WATCH them as they chew making sure that what they are chewing on can NOT be swallowed, can NOT be choked on because it is the dogs instinct TO SWALLOW, consume the treat in front of them. Same w/toys, my dogs gnwas off bits of toys and swallows those too I repeat its upon me to PAY ATTENTION, notice these things and adjust the toys he gets accordingly.

I have used rawhides as a tool NOT a treat. 10mins a day, I MAKE that time to sit and watch my dogs to ensure they have NO chance of swallowing the rawhide or whatever else they may be getting, same w/toys. We recently had a rawhide cause a gum issue, tear at the gumline because the rawhide was too rigid and that has caused a whole other set of issues so we have been off rawhides for a while and looking for another chewing option. I appreciate the Kong suggestions in these posts as this gives the dogs something to toss around, and slobber on but can be the tiny pieces of treats taht they cant choke on. Even w/that I will STILL WATCH as they play because one never knows if a problem may show up. All toys, treats pose a risk a hazard.

I personally NEVER by the Greenies, the brushless chewable type treats, that dogs can supposedly chew on for dental health because I don’t want my dogs swallowing the treat whole and choking on it or it causing an obstruction. My dogs arent obnoxious, they are simply seeing something yummy like that and their instinct is NOT to chew on it, but instead to just swallow that yummy thing, when I tried those, my dog chewed it maybe a few times then swallowed it basically whole and I then had to wonder and worry for days about that in his system. Not all of us know our dogs habits or what our dogs will do at any given moment so is best to stick w/something we know will NOT be a hazard. Knowing my dogs are sometimes gulpers, I have learned to now feed ONLY tiny treats that cant be choked on even if swallowed whole. I look for treats that if swallowed whole it will either disintegrate as it goes down w/the saliva breaking it up or it is so tiny (pea size) that swallowing it whole doesnt matter. They still get a treat but I get zero stress and scares in the process. I tho also take time to BRUSH my dogs teeth WEEKLY rather than rely on a treat to do that work for me.
Good luck to all!