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Hi M & C,

I’ll start off by saying I’ve never looked at the ingredients in toothpastes so I’m ignorant in this area. I’ve usually thought of toothpastes as primarily flavoring agents to facilitate brushing but believe a study was published that demonstrated that brushing with the tested product, which as I recall was “Healthy Mouth” resulted in better outcomes.

Take a look at the VOHC list that crazy4cats linked to.

I will say that if your cat has not had a recent oral exam be cautious. If the mouth has any painful lesions the brushing will be painful.

For cats I’ve used tuna juice, or jarred meat baby foods ass a “dentifrice” and a Q tip brand cosmetic swab as the “brush” For my dogs I’ve acclimated them to a spin brush and used babyfood. spray cheese and C.E.T products.