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Patricia A

Hi Aimee,
Wondering if this was a human error of adding too much premix vs. premix formulation itself? Will that ever be know?
Aimee , every few days I have the chance to read your posts between yourself and M&C. I enjoy reading anything regarding dog food nutrition even though you two make me feel like a kindergartener in a PH.d course. lol But I know a lot more now then I did before . So thank you for being active on this forum.
I believe you know from my previous posts that I continue to feed a base of the Stella and Chewy’s. I’m aware that the FDA made a statement that will no longer comment with updates on DCM until they research further in a definitive cause. Will this ever be solved? However, I did read that cases were still being reported. What scares me is that effects of the cases that are diet related could be a slow burn and damage being done is not immediately symptomatic until years later. Correct me if I’m not correct in my understanding after reading several reports. I have read a very limited number of cases in small breeds as well for DCM diet related.
So the questions’ STILL are whether the legumes are blocking taurine. So any amount of taurine added will not help. What if toppers and home cooked are added. Would the taurine also not be available because of the kibble with legumes? Is it the legumes replacing animal protein? With this fear I have been transitioning to grain inclusive. My dilemma is I’m on 1/4 bag of grain and grain inclusive. Still undecided if next bag should be grain inclusive and eliminate the grain free. I’m also concerned about premix vitamin packs now.
When you have time Aimee, can you possibly give me some info between the two regarding which you would feel better feeding. I know you don’t care for the brand, but my Tia will be 13 and she does so well with it. Loli has the sensitive stomach and this was the only brand when I switched that she did so well with. Also, your take on these new brands with NO vitamin packs added. They CLAIM all the nutrioon from natural sources so does not require added premixes. These are Carna4, ND, Natures Logic.
I will post the two recipes’ later today. I deeply would appreciate your expertise in deciphering the good, the bad and the ugly between the two .