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Hi Renee
Hope you see this…
I feed Halshan as well.. only I stay away from Anything that is or turns into Sugar…Veggies & Fruits are high in Sugar causing Yeast overgrowth & they are not Designed to Process them anyways & it can cause numerous Health Issues..like Spinach is Oxidative Etc so have to be careful…leafy greens can help with Chlorophyll but only tiny amount…their Tripe they have has that added…Fruits & Veggies Good for Human Herbivores not Carnivores lol!!
I think Logically..if they don’t Hunt it I don’t Feed it😆& when they eat Prey the Prey has already Digested the plant matter & only alil may be absorbed like the Chlorophyll/Fiber cuz again Carnivores do not Process plant matter

You may want to do a Cleanse to free up possible Yeast Issues inside the Body you may not see right now…Coconut Oil & Probiotics Help…
Always Cleanse the Body before Transitioning cuz Yeast Overgrowth Barriers will not allow good Proteins & Nutrients to be Absorbed
The problem with Gently Cooked is that ANY Cooking Depletes vital Nutrients & Enzymes & Cooked meat basically becomes a Carbohydrate Filler (like All Kibble which is All Carbohydrate…Highly Heat Processed all Sugar No Nutritional Value) which turns into Sugar feeding Healthy Cells turning them into Cancerous Cells & again Yeast & Unhealthy Health Issues…that’s why Humans shouldn’t consume Meat..so I Always do Raw for my Pets….
I do the Ground Rabbit & Ground Chicken WITHOUT Veggies & add their Beef Organ Mix for extra Heart & Kidney Tripe & Chlorophyll Etc Benefits
& also use an Omega Salmon Oil..I Only use Lifeline Salmon Oil.. Trusted for 10 Years now!

Researching Kelp now even tho they wouldn’t hunt it lol but for alil for added nutrients

& ALWAYS feed Grass-fed Grass Finished NO Grains (especially for Tripe) Grains cause Bacterial Infection Irritation Inflammation Etc
I will also add Beef Meat with Fat (Boneless) to level out the Bone intake if too much Calcium & the Fat is good for them just not too much lol😆Halshan doesn’t have just that so I get it elsewhere as long as it is Grass-fed finished too…but everything else
That’s why I like Halshan

I believe “Furlys” a Pet Store in Orange County California sells Halshan & Ships Nationwide!!
Hopefully I spelled it correctly..just Google lol
Hope all this helps Here if ya need..Bless your Sweet FurBaby