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Hi Patricia A. Sorry for the delayed reply. It’s been a really bad week for my seizure dog, so of course a bad week for me too. After the two seizures close together he then had another one 14 hours later, in the middle of the night, and since then is having violent shaking episodes every morning, just like he has right before a seizure, but without the full blown seizure.

Sounds like you are also having a very bad week with your mother. I can only imagine what you are going through. My father died 12 years ago with a bad case of dementia. It was really hard to see him that way. I did what I could, spending many nights in the hospital with him and then visits to a memory care facility, but his wife and I didn’t get along so I had no control over his care. Having no control was really hard, but I was shielded from much of what you are going through.

Glad you found your husband to be the culprit and not your new choices of food. A much easier fix.
I had not heard about the PPP recall. I am supposed to get recall notices from DFA, so I’m surprised I didn’t get that one. Coincidentally, Vitamin E has been my latest dilemma – whether to supplement or not. Since I am feeding so much fresh meat these days, it is something that theoretically I should supplement. But in my perusal of vitamin/mineral data from many, many companies, it is pretty common to see data with an alarmingly high level of Vit E. One company can have many recipes with normal levels then one recipe with really high levels. Particularly companies who are using mixed tocopherols as a preservative. My theory is that it is difficult to get Vitamin E thoroughly blended into a food. So it is hit and miss whether the bag of food a dog is eating has high or low levels of it. Just my guess as to what might be going on. So for now, I’ve decided not to supplement.

I haven’t explored Reddit yet, but I will. I guess I’m just exhausted, and soooo disappointed, at this point. I had my hopes up that my dog was headed in the right direction and that maybe the changes I had made were working. But those hopes are completely dashed now. After a frustrating week of trying to get my vet to call me back, I finally talked to her on Thurs and started him on an anti-seizure med that evening. The good news is that he is not experiencing the terrible side effects that I feared from AEDs. But still having those “almost seizures”.
Hope things are going better for you and your mother today. Always good to hear from you. M&C