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Hi Patricia,

I’m assuming you meant to ask why Purina owns Alpo. It seems that you are saying by selling ALPO they are not standing by nutrition across the board. It is a sentiment I do not share.

I think there are many paths to nutritional soundness and for me the ingredient list plays a minor role in my overall assessment of a food. I didn’t used to be this way , I used to be an avid label reader but after many hours of self study using resources like the Nutritional Requirements of Dogs and Cats put out by the NRC and spending many hours on Pub Med getting familiar with nutritional research it is where I landed.

I see Purina as a company that makes food at a variety of price points to fit the various budgets and philosophies of a wide segment of the pet owning population. Foods at a lower price point I suspect are going to be more plant based and will likely have larger stool volume compared to the higher price point options but IMO they both reach nutritional goals.