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Kathleen C

I started my 11 year old Boston Jack on 3 meals a day when he came down in March with, as of right now, an unknown reason for severe diarrhea and the vet convinced me to switch him to Royal Canin, which I did not want to do. I still believe there was something in his senior/small dog Wellness food that may have caused the problem. Whatever, the vet believed the RC Hydrovised (?) food would cure him and even control his weight. It cured him, I guess if there was a problem, but did not control his weight. The bag shows 17% fat but she says when you subtract the water 10% that brings it down to 8%??? I never have heard of that math! Anyway, Jack is now used to eating 3 meals of 1/4 cup per day, but because of weight gain I’m going back to 2 meals a day. Calorie content with RC is low, but I can’t accept percent of fat amount vet says. However, getting back on Subject: I see no reason not to feed 3 times a day unless it leads to weight gain like Jacks. I will give him maybe 1/3 cup food twice a day and see if that helps weight. I would rather find a good no chicken to change him to but very hard to do so. Oh yes, during all this expensive vet testing stuff she has discovered he’s allergic to chicken. At 11 years of age I doubt there’s any time at all when he was not eating chicken! What causes that???