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Jesse W

Hi Mike,

Yes, unfortunately I did miss that option because I had been attempting to use the “Change Subscriber Options” link at the bottom of the emails. That link leads to a site with only one subscription option so it wasn’t clear to me how to unsubscribe from the newsletter while maintaining a subscription to the recall alerts. I incorrectly assumed that site would have two separate subscription options; Newsletter, and Recall Alerts.

I have now successfully unsubscribed from the newsletter using the link in the P.P.S. section of the emails which includes a link that goes to a different site page than that of the “Change Subscriber Options”.

I apologize that I thought of these emails as a hassle because, upon further review, I found I was mixing up the Recall emails with the Newsletter emails. The recall emails are indeed clear and concise.

I appreciate what you are doing to help keep our pets safe. Keep up the great work!

Thank you.