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    Jesse W

    Please revise the Subscriber Options so that we can receive email alerts for Food Recalls ONLY.

    I’ve been a fan of Dog Food Advisor for over 4 years and have been a subscriber to the emails for most of that time.

    Unfortunately, I am now weighing the benefits vs the hassle. Emails have become more frequent and are structured in such a way that buries the recall information, if any, within long articles that are authored in a way that is similar to a chain letter.

    I would like to see Dog Food Recalls returned to priority; Either by clearly listing that recall information at the top of the email or by creating a separate subscription so we have the option of subscribing to Food Recalls, Feeding Tips, or both.

    Thank you.

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    Mike Sagman


    I’m sorry you feel our non-recall email messages are a “hassle”. For I work very hard to create helpful messages that present other ways to feed your dog better… and safer.

    Dog food recalls and warnings have always been my priority since I founded this community in 2008. In fact, DFA was launched immediately following the loss of my own dog, Penny, to the biggest pet food recall in US history.

    I NEVER “bury” the recall information. It can typically be found in the second paragraph of every recall and FDA warning alert I send you. That has never changed.

    Within EVERY newsletter you receive, you have the option to unsubscribe from our dog feeding tips newsletter and still receive ONLY our recall alerts and FDA warnings.

    Did you miss that?

    All you have to do is click the option that works for you.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 2 months ago by Mike Sagman.
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    Jesse W

    Hi Mike,

    Yes, unfortunately I did miss that option because I had been attempting to use the “Change Subscriber Options” link at the bottom of the emails. That link leads to a site with only one subscription option so it wasn’t clear to me how to unsubscribe from the newsletter while maintaining a subscription to the recall alerts. I incorrectly assumed that site would have two separate subscription options; Newsletter, and Recall Alerts.

    I have now successfully unsubscribed from the newsletter using the link in the P.P.S. section of the emails which includes a link that goes to a different site page than that of the “Change Subscriber Options”.

    I apologize that I thought of these emails as a hassle because, upon further review, I found I was mixing up the Recall emails with the Newsletter emails. The recall emails are indeed clear and concise.

    I appreciate what you are doing to help keep our pets safe. Keep up the great work!

    Thank you.

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