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Henry S

I would like to share my experience with Science Diet. My bull terrier has been fed Science Diet her entire life. I got her when she was 8 weeks old and that was almost 16 years ago. She had a litter of puppies early in her life, and has been mostly free of any health problems until a few years ago. In the last few years she has had her uterus removed due to infection, a portion of her mammary gland removed due to cancer, and a lipoma. All without any complications.
She recently had a checkup where she was put on daily anti inflammatories to help her with joint pain and mobility but otherwise was given a clean bill of health. She has a bad day every once in a while with joint pain but she still moves around pretty good for her age and size (70 lbs!)
She is almost 16 years old, happy and as healthy as a dog her age could be. 16 is a remarkable age for any breed. She is full of life and I am so proud of her! Every day with her is a gift.
I believe she is still with me today for two reasons- Science Diet, and extraordinary veterinary care (Elgin VCA, Elgin, Texas).
The bottom line is, Science Diet isn’t the food of death. Are there better foods? Sure. But Science Diet has a balance of quality and affordability that is hard to beat. It has earned my trust. The people who lost their dog have valid reasons to suspect it was the food, and I believe each of their stories. But for every one bad experience there are likely thousands of good experiences like mine that are also valid.