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    a c

    Christine, I am so sorry about your dog.

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    Since this old thread has been resurrected I’ll add in my two cents. I am not someone who blames food every time the dog gets a sniffle, nor am I of the belief the trendy, “holistic” foods are inherently better than the supposedly low end brands. In fact, I started feeding Science Diet around 2009, after a disastrous stint with Wellness. Early in 2013, the bags/formula changed, and, long story short, from about April-July of that year I had five dogs suddenly develop terminal diseases. Four cancers, one degenerative myelopathy. Five mostly unrelated dogs getting sick in a three month period is not coincidence.

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    Lita C

    Perdí mis dos mascotas este año con solo quince días de diferencia. Si tan solo los malditos veterinarios nos dijeran paren ! No le de mas de ese maldito alimento hills, ellos no hubiesen muerto! Eran bellos , muy bellos. Cuidarlos tanto para que este alimento de mierda los envenenara.

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    Lita C

    Estoy de acuerdo, Hills mata a los cachorros. Perdí a mis dos mascotas por esa maldita comida y malos veterinarios que recomiendan su uso. Fue una muerte horrible. El mas grande de comia 7+ y la más pequeña de 1-6

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    Can someone translate the above two posts?

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    Lita C

    I lost my two pets this year only fifteen days apart. If only the damned veterinarians told us to stop! There’s no such damned food in the hills, they would not have died! They were beautiful, very beautiful. Caring for them for this ******* food will poison them.

    I agree, Hills destroys the puppies. I lost my two pets for that food and bad veterinarians who recommend its use. It was a horrible death. The largest of meals 7+ and the smallest of 1-6

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    Carla B

    I am also questioning Hill’s Science Diet. I had two Chihuahua’s. Not related, and one was a year older. Widget died in Sept. 2017 from rapid onset Canine Dementia. She went from “perfect” mean little Chihuahua to an empty shell of a dog within one month. She was 12 years old. Our other Chi, Miss Pepper was fine and was 11 years old. EXACTLY one year later, the same thing happened to Pepper. The ONLY thing they had in common was diet. They ate Hill’s Science diet from the time they were 8 weeks old. They had the puppy formula, and the adult formula and then the Senior formula for “Small Breed”. How is it that they both suffered the same disease, but were not litter mates or related in any way? I honestly believe it was the dog food that killed my two little girls.

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    Roberta J

    I have just made the decision today to put my second dog Davey down. Two years ago did the same with my other dog Babygirl. They both had/have cancerous tumors. Babygirl sweetest Pomeranian had a tumor on her throat, Davey chihuahua whose been my partner/car dog since Babygirl past, I couldn’t leave him alone he was used to his best friend with him always, he has/had tumors back leg, right flank, on his right side too. He’s had 5 surgeries to remove them. It’s adhered to his hip now, so no more surgeries. I’m heart broken.
    They both ate Hills Science Diet food, majority of their lives. I am curious how many other pet owners have lost their pets to cancer who have fed their animals science diet? Or if you know of another website discussing this? It’s not fair we have to loose our pets who are also family bc of the damn dog food!! Thanks

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    Henry S

    I would like to share my experience with Science Diet. My bull terrier has been fed Science Diet her entire life. I got her when she was 8 weeks old and that was almost 16 years ago. She had a litter of puppies early in her life, and has been mostly free of any health problems until a few years ago. In the last few years she has had her uterus removed due to infection, a portion of her mammary gland removed due to cancer, and a lipoma. All without any complications.
    She recently had a checkup where she was put on daily anti inflammatories to help her with joint pain and mobility but otherwise was given a clean bill of health. She has a bad day every once in a while with joint pain but she still moves around pretty good for her age and size (70 lbs!)
    She is almost 16 years old, happy and as healthy as a dog her age could be. 16 is a remarkable age for any breed. She is full of life and I am so proud of her! Every day with her is a gift.
    I believe she is still with me today for two reasons- Science Diet, and extraordinary veterinary care (Elgin VCA, Elgin, Texas).
    The bottom line is, Science Diet isn’t the food of death. Are there better foods? Sure. But Science Diet has a balance of quality and affordability that is hard to beat. It has earned my trust. The people who lost their dog have valid reasons to suspect it was the food, and I believe each of their stories. But for every one bad experience there are likely thousands of good experiences like mine that are also valid.

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    Anna L

    I have a 15 year old golden doodle who’s practically healthy other than arthritis, recently we took him to the vet and his blood work showed kidney failure( first phase) my vet prescribed the hills K/d dog food. I was hesitant as my dog has been fed food cooked by me his whole life and he’s been very healthy until now. The first day I gave it to him he didn’t even want to try it (he’s very picky) so what I did was mix it with his other wet food but he would rather not eat at all. I kept doing it for over a week until he finally tried it. The first time he ate. I noticed his behavior changed he was acting anxious and just weird in my opinion. I also noticed he kept losing his balance. I paid no mine to it and fed him a few more days but he was just not eating all his food and I noticed he was losing some weight until I decided to go back to my cooked meals again and suddenly he went back to normal. Recently, I had a friend come by my house and she told me her dog had the same condition as my dog(kidney failure) and she feeds him the same food. I felt guilty and so I started my dog again on the k/d food again. This time I only mix the can of food with rice and he it all which I was surprised. I was happy for a moment until the symptoms started. The next day he woke up limping extremely and losing his balance to the point he falls. I’ve been carrying him outside to use the bathroom. I believe this food does something to dogs who suffer from arthritis. It may cause inflammation. I stopped immediately the use of the food. Today he’s a little better but still loses his balance. He is scheduled to see the vet on Friday. I don’t think I will be using this food anymore.

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