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Dudley S

Weight Management, high fiber, chicken excluded, except in one (chicken fat OK – no proteins),

multiple peas means the pea total could move it way up on ingrediants list, as #1 DCM concern, as of 2/2022

Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Healthy Weight Adult Red Meat Dog Food Grain Free
355 calories Protein Min 30.0 %, Fat Min 10.0 %, Fiber Max 10.0 %, chelate. taurine
DCM – peas 3 in top 6 ingredients, grain free but taurine inclusive

Avodarm ADVANCED HEALTHY WEIGHT, GRAIN FREE TURKEY MEAL FORMULA 380 calories, 10% fat, 10% max fiber, 28% protein, cheleate, taurin
DCM – peas 2 of top 4, Grain free but taurine inclusive

Blue Basic Healthy Weight Turkey & Potato Recipe , 329 calories, 9% min fat, 10% max fiber, 20% pro, taurine chelate
DCM warning – peas 3 of first 8 but Grain and taurine inclusive

Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Low Fat/Low Calorie with Fresh Caught Alaskan Pollock Adult Dry Dog Food
330, 10% max fiber, 8% fat, 25% pro taurine
DCM – 2 peas in top 6, but grain and taurine inclusive

240 calories 8.5% fat 11% fiber max, 24% pro,
DCM – peas not in top 6. grain and taurine inclusive

Diamond CARE Weight Management Formula Adult Dry Dog Food lamb, 7% fat, 304 cal, 10% max fiber, 22% min pro taurine
DCM , peas and lentils both in top 4, but grain and taurine

Recent Replies