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I usually buy from Chewy but recently found a really good deal for very high quality food. I buy directly from Vital Essentials. I give my dog their treats and their rabbit mini-nibs raw freeze-dried. This brand is very expensive normally but they send me promotions and I am kind of shocked because if you buy a certain number of bags, they give you a discount up to 30%. I thought it was a gimmic but then I compared the price on Chewy and saw it was the same. My dog had a mast cell tumor that was removed and I try to feed him the best food–raw frozen and raw freeze-dried. Also, my vet told me about this cancer multi-vitamin OncoPet https://www.askariel.com/OncoPet-Cancer-Vitamin-p/135.htm that seems to give him energy and he hasn’t had a recurrence. My dog has a sensitive tummy and I am so glad he can take this one without any problems. This website AskAriel has a lot of information about pet food and supplements.