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Joan S

I didn’t know where to post this so I will post it here. I ‘ve been feeding my dogs Purina dry dog food for years. Wednesday evening I was scooping food from the bag that is in the pantry inside our house and in the scoop with the food was a MOUSE!!!

This is no joke, I have the pictures. I contacted Chewy – they refunded my money (I threw out all bags of food) and I contacted Purina. A “supervisor” with Purina, called me, apologized and offered me coupons or refund check. I declined both and asked questions about next steps etc. He said they will pass the information to Quality Assurance Department but that I would not receive any follow-up on what they find. I had the lot number on the bag and he couldn’t tell me in what factory it was made and wouldn’t give his last name. He basically had no information for me.

So, now I’ve chosen Hill’s Science Diet, but must continue with Purina (I had some Purina Beneful purchased at grocery store on hand) to mix in with new food. I am buying plastic containers to store food. Also, I am still completely grossed and freaked out.