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Donna R

I know I’m late to the conversation here, but pea allergies are real. BUT in the event anyone comes to this thread I wanted to share my experience.

My dog has SEVERE POULTRY allergies. ALL POULTRY and POULTRY BY PRODUCTS… Chicken fat, Chicken Liver, Eggs, Egg Shells, Turkey, Turkey Broth, liver, fat, etc. Let’s just say, I’ll not be subjecting her to any winged animal protein anymore, ever. She’s suffered enough.
Through that adventure, I discovered she’s also allergic (both itching, and extreme panting, etc) to peas, lentils and potatoes. I’m taking it on what I’ve read and studied about nightshade veggies/plants causing allergic reactions to animals with sensitivities to deduce I’m not going to go through them ALL. I know enough to know I’m not taking chances. So anything with ANY Nightshade Plants/Veggies as ingredients will be a no go for me. Poor little thing has suffered enough and I’ve finally found what works for her and I’m sticking with it until, for some reason, it no longer does. We’ve been on this for almost a year without issue (knock on wood).
First we tried Pork. She did excellent with it, thankfully. But I also use different Novel PROTEINS in rotation. Rabbit and Kangaroo for now. I am using kibble, freeze dried and dehydrated. She’s doing great. No itching, no yeast, no signs of any allergies or adverse reactions. She’s maintained a healthy weight and energy level.
Sadly, this won’t work for everyone, but… NOVEL PROTEINS generally will. Avoiding Nightshade plants and veggies may be a great beginning to helping also. There’s tons of them and no need to torture your baby going thru the list when you know if they’re sensitive to one or two chances are great they will be to a great many so keep them all on LIST TO AVOID.
When all else fails freeze dried and dehydrated. While it’s pricy, there are ways to help keep costs in check by being inventive in how you use it. Find a kibble that’s suitable for your baby and mix in.
I do hope this is helpful to all you pet parents who struggle when they see their baby suffer and feel helpless when trying to help.