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Regina A

Hi, our dog when we first rescued him also had a horrible allergies. we didn’t know why. he would lick, chew and scratch at his skin, 24/7. We suspected after many switches it was fish product related.
The only dry dog food we found after years of searching was Dr. Pol’s Healthy balance Chicken Recipe dog food. Based on your list above, I believe the only ingredient it has is flaxseed but perhaps if it’s the only item, even if he may have a slight reaction, it may still be a dramatic improvement over what he’s been having.
If you change dog foods just make sure to slowly add it to the current dog food and gradually increase the amount over at least a couple weeks before changing it completely so you don’t also upset your dog’s tummy and have diarrhea. And remember it can take a a couple months to really see the different it might make. I feel so strongly about it because our dog was really suffering. He’s a light tan shih tzu so we could see his skin was always red and inflamed, including his gums. and where ever he licked his coat was rust colored and felt like wire. Now he has no rust colored spots and his coat is so soft. I couldn’t believe that difference it made. I hope it will at least help. Best Wishes for you and your fur baby.

Recent Replies