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Roberta J

I have just made the decision today to put my second dog Davey down. Two years ago did the same with my other dog Babygirl. They both had/have cancerous tumors. Babygirl sweetest Pomeranian had a tumor on her throat, Davey chihuahua whose been my partner/car dog since Babygirl past, I couldn’t leave him alone he was used to his best friend with him always, he has/had tumors back leg, right flank, on his right side too. He’s had 5 surgeries to remove them. It’s adhered to his hip now, so no more surgeries. I’m heart broken.
They both ate Hills Science Diet food, majority of their lives. I am curious how many other pet owners have lost their pets to cancer who have fed their animals science diet? Or if you know of another website discussing this? It’s not fair we have to loose our pets who are also family bc of the damn dog food!! Thanks