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Patricia J

Thanks, Aimee, for diving deeper for me; I appreciate your staying engaged. I will look at the PubMed info you referenced. And I understand that even with “experts” there can and will be differences of opinion, so what you say about DFA’s statement is fair. (BTW, my characterization of corn as “a filler” was certainly all mine, extrapolating from what he’d said.) Before further study, I now see from what you say that the amino acids in corn are probably key to its selection. And I did understand that controlling phosphorus is important, so that helps to explain why plant-based protein is better, which I knew was part of this, but not why.
What my attitude probably boils down to is my lack of faith in the good faith of large companies. Purina charges quite a bit for this food, which I’m perfectly willing to pay if it is truly what’s best, but I just felt that perhaps the overall nutrition was being neglected. I will look further; I’m willing to admit I could be wrong, lol! My previous dog spent years eating prescription food due to a purine problem(he was a Dalmatian), and I had similar misgivings about that, but never saw an alternative.
Anyway, thanks again.