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Patricia J

Irena, Thanks for your reply:) Glad to know someone else is having the same questions! Hopefully, someone who knows more on the topic than we do will also respond! My only solace with the food is that Sammy absolutely loves it, which very pleasantly surprised me! If your dog continues to dislike the RC, maybe you could ask your vet about the Purina Pro Plan NF that we’re using. (Although, I have talked to people whose pets didn’t like it either, so I guess it’s all very individual.)
Oh, on our original concern: when I called the pet shop owner where we’d been buying the Fromms all these years to explain why we’d be stopping, she said that for the RX foods the manufacturers “do something different” to the corn to make it more nutritional than that in standard foods. Don’t have any idea what that would be, or if she’s right . . .