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Patricia A

James again my bad when just scanned your post . Trying to do my best in caring for my elderly mom with dementia. Just not doing a thorough job of reading between lines and replying in what I always hoped was some tidbit of helpful advice from my past experiences in having owned and cared for dogs since my kids were little.
It’s obvious from your post that you are a VERY responsible dog owner . Should never judge since been there ourselves with spending $1000 and two weeks later another problem which we would resolve when we waited a few days. Can write a book on serious health issues which the vet actually caused. Autoimmune issues from a shot which dog needed bone marrow test to detererimen it was response from a lepto shot. Chloe in for x-rays at 13 because of labored breathing. Showed Pneumonia . Sent home with meds and told she’ll be fine. Middle of the night gasping for air. Passed in car. Healthy puppy given kennel cough immunization before being spayed and came down with a VERY BAD COLD from the intranasal . Then given to my immune compromised(the one with the lepto shot). UHHH VETS: Do no harm but not always the case.

Never considered looking into supplements. So when have time will educate myself . Always prefer more holistic solutions then strong meds which cause more serious side effects then the problem itself.
So having had a Doxie own us. lol my only advice s weight and back issues. I’m sure you’re aware of this though. The yelping when touched could be disc related that is so common in the long backed Doxies. No jumping off couch . Also the pain would cause the panting .
Orthopedic bedding . Sometimes the bottom of the dog beds have no support and they lay on floor.
Wishing Dalilah many more years of a happy healthy life.

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