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Patricia A

Maybe stick to one food without the lamb or beef. Might be too high in fat. Stick with ONLY the food and no other supplements. Any change in food will give diarrhea for mine. So maybe just boiled white meat chicken with skin cut off before boiling and some white rice. Mix in a high quality kibble with only a few kibbles in bowl to get used to. Mine do well with Stella Chewy’s grain free chicken with no stomach problems. Or look here on DFA for 5* proteins/flavors/brands because I believe those are lower in fat. But I think key at least for mine is give new kibble a chance for her digestive system to get used to so you don’t start over and switch again thinking it’s the food each time . This way you can get up to a full bowl in maybe a week or so and if diarrhea again then start process over until find one that agrees with him.
Hope this helps for your pup.