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Anna B

We’ve been feeding our lab TOTW’s Pacific Stream Canine Recipe for just over a year now. He’s done well with it and never had any issues until now. We just bought a new bag yesterday (Sunday) and fed him dinner. Today (Monday) he ate breakfast and threw up mid/late afternoon. He ate dinner and has thrown up twice since.

I’m convinced it’s the food. He’s not had any treats since starting this new bag of TOTW, and he’s not been boarded or anywhere unsupervised where he could’ve gotten into something. And he’s not been around other dogs to have caught something.

We’ve been told recently by our vet that TOTW is one of the worst foods you can feed your pet, but we just brushed it off and thought “there’s always going to be something wrong with whatever you decide on”. I’ve done some reading about the whole grain-free thing and how TOTW was included in the list of 16 dog foods that were the worst “offenders” of myocarditis. Maybe it’s God’s timing that the vet mentioned what they did and our poor dog is responding the way he is with this new bag of food. Now I’m on the hunt for new dog food that’s made by a trustworthy company…