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    P S

    I have been feeding Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream dry dog food for almost eight years. I have been seeing and am very concerned about complaints regarding very sick dogs from the food. In particular, these complaints on Consumer Affairs. ANYONE here have any problems and has there been a recall? Has DogFoodAdvisor reconsidered their almost 5 star rating for Taste of the Wild?


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    Susan L

    I’ve been feeding my three pit-mix dogs and many rescues TOTW High Prairie for over five years with excellent results. Three days ago, my male pit started with fever, hives and lethargy. This morning I woke up to vomit all over my living room floor and couch from him. My female pit walked in thirty minutes later and projectile vomited. My male pit-boxer now has severe diarrhea. I’m 100% positive it’s from their food as they are inside dogs and very pampered. I threw away over $100 worth of TOTW and drove two hours to buy Fromm. I posted on Facebook and had MANY replies of similar issues among my pet owner friends that feed or have switched from TOTW. Approximately four months ago, I came very close to losing my perfectly healthy female pit bull. She lost 17 pounds, vomited constantly, and was barely able to walk from swelling (vets guessed kidney failure). Three vets were stumped and had no solutions even when every blood test came back as fine. Through steroids and multiple antibiotics she recovered. She eats a lot more than my other two dogs. I’m convinced that this was the beginning of my pups’ problems with TOTW. No more for me and my family. I feel that something drastic has happened to the TOTW quality in the past months.

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    Mia H

    I’m thinking on switching as my two standard poodles have always been free fed TOTW and now with this latest bag are not eating as much of it. I’m not sure if it’s that particular bag or what….

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    this does my head in, I live in Australia & we are NOT having this problem with TOTW in Australia, TOTW have 5 manufacturing facilities that make TOTW, 1 plant is in Central California, 1 is in Northen California, Missouri, South Carolina & Arkansas…
    People have to start posting the area they live, the TOTW formula they are feeding & the use by expiry date on the back of kibble bag????? not just “Don’t feed TOTW”
    this way we can work out which facility these TOTW bags are coming from that are making dogs sick?:?? the TOTW that comes to Australia & goes to all of the countries in Europe comes from their South Carolina facility, we are not having any problems in Australia so there’s 1 facility that isnt having any problems with TOTW formula’s they are making, so probably people in America getting their TOTW from the South Carolina facility their dogs are OK….
    after looking into this & emailing TOTW before any TOTW formula’s leave their facilities each batch gets tested & the test results of that batch gets put into their computer so the can look back if anything happens, I really think it could be a storage problem, it’s hot Summer in America & the last pet shop from California that made a big fuss about TOTW being bad ended up being contained to their customers buying from their pet store….

    All these post on Face Book scares people especially when you have a sick dog, I have a Staffy with IBD + Skin Allergies + Food Sensitivities, he has a very sensitive stomach & he does his best with his skin & bowel when he’s eating TOTW Sierra Mountian Roasted Lamb formula, I do rotate between different brand kibbles but not as much as I did a few years ago when I was looking for a kibble that wasn’t a vet diet that helped with Patches skin as well as his IBD & finally I found a kibble he does real good on & doesn’t get his stomach pain & diarrhea was TOTW, he does OK on Canidae as well but Canidae uses chickpeas in their lower fat grain free pure formula’s, so he gets the Canidae Pure Wild only a few days a week so he doesnt get his stomach pain, it has chickpeas & is higher in Kcals then his TOTW formula is…..

    I’ve read thru some of the complaints on Consumer Affairs site & some people are just idiots, 1 lady’s dog got Pancreatitis while eating the TOTW High Prairie formula, probably cause the protein & fat was too high for her dog, so her vet put her dog on a low fat vet diet then after 2 weeks this lady put her poor dog back onto TOTW High Prairie formula & then she complaining, TOTW is killing her poor dog cause it had another Pancreatitis attack, what an idiot donatate the rest of teh kibble to someone or a rescue group, some post the people had a sick dog with health problems, nothing to do with what the dog was eating, if you look Consumer Affairs 10 best dog foods, TOTW cames 13th & Canidae came 1st…. another thing that can make a dog react & very SICK is flea products…..

    You should always rotate between a few different brands that have different proteins…… when a dog eats the same food 24/7 year after year they can react to an ingredient in the food after eating it for years…. Hills & Purina write this on their Hydrolyse vet diet section…

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    Dale W

    Consumer Affairs is NOT a reliable source of information. Taste of the Wild gets good marks pretty much across the board, yet Consumer Affairs seems to have hundreds of “it killed my dog” stories. Odd, no? Sure, different dogs may react differently to various foods, just as do we. There’s likely not a “perfect food” out there for 100% of our dogs although some are clearly better than others.

    As for Consumer Affairs, read over this: http://blog.ericgoldman.org/archives/2016/06/review-website-gets-hammered-in-court-consumer-cellular-v-consumeraffairs.htm

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    Deb D

    I feed both my Weimaraner’s Taste of the Wild, we rotate through the flavours, Venison and Legume is probably their favourite, they are nearly 3 and 9 years old, and are in great condition.

    I live in Australia and have not had an issue with this food, I’ve been feeding mine this for about 2 and a half years. I must confess to reading the consumer reviews and panicking, so your post was well received, and your comments about rotating to a different food every now and then was something I hadn’t considered, but will now. I shall be very interested to follow the story, they all seem to start around August 2017.

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    Hi Deb,
    I too live Australia & was having no problems with TOTW Lamb formula it actually seem to be the best kibble for Patches IBD when I started feeding Patch about 2 yrs ago until this last bag of TOTW Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb 6kg bag I ordered my pet food thru Pet Circle (Pet Circle is excellent & quick for delivery they dont use Australia Post they use Couriers Please) I opened the TOTW Lamb bag 1 month ago & the smell seems different now also the kibbles were really small 1/2 their normal size, I thought OK the smaller kibble will be easier to digest when he doesn’t chew his kibbles & swollows them, Patch eats 4-5 meals day cause of his IBD after he ate his cooked meal or another brand kibble he wasnt eating grass or looking ill & whinging but after eating the TOTW kibble Patch kept eating grass & seem very unwell cause I had just moved I thought he’s a bit depressed & his IBD is playing up from all the stress of moving then one morning he just refused to eat the TOTW, in the whole 5 yrs I’ve owned Patch he has only refused to eat 2 times the first year I rescued him when he became real ill with Colitis & Pancreatitis, he always eats even when unwell, I contacted Pet Circle & they are really good they refunded my $70 & said to give the remaining 5 & 1/2 kg of the TOTW to rescue/pound or a friend then at the end of our conversation the lady said maybe throw the whole bag of TOTW in the bin & she wrote everything down & was sending it off to TOTW Australia.

    You are better off feeding Australian made & owned brands like “Meals For Mutts” “Ivory Coat” Ivory Coat is Australian made but has just been sold to a big Chinese company that’s still making the Ivory Coat here in Australia & taking Ivory Coat to America & all over the world, probably cause its Australian made & the Kangaroo & Lamb formula will reall sell dogs love Kangaroo its a very strong rich meat, the Ivory Coat has proper Kangaroo Meal in it the American made Kangaroo formula’s write “Wild Kangaroo” we dont eat our wild Kangaroos they are full of disease & parasites & they add Lentils to up the Protein % & add less kangaroo, the Ivory Coat will be heaps better Kangaroo pet food when does come to America, but I’d say it will be expensive unless the Chinese start cutting corners & change the ingredients & start adding Chickpeas & Lentils to up the protein% & take away some of the Kangaroo Meal & Lamb Meal, we’ll have to see what happens with Ivory Coat …
    MfM is a really good kibble also sold oversea to asian countries, “Canidae” is really good, Candiae is American made & they grow their own veggies & source from local farmers like some of our Australian made pets foods do, look at their “Canidae Pure” formula’s & “Canidae All Life Stages” formula are really good & sell out by the end of the month, you can get a 20 kg bag for $99.95 of the Canidae All Life Stages formula from Pet Circle it’s on Special at the moment, here’s the link
    also look for “Canidae Pure Meadow” Senior formula for your 9yr old dog, it has all the supplements needed for aging dog, the Pure Meadow is excellent, I’ve put a few eldery dogs on it where I use to live & they went from a itchy, dull coat, sick looking, stiff old dogs to dogs that think they’re puppies again, there was very big improvements with these dogs, they were eating cheap Aldi & Supermarket cheap kibbles, My Pet Warehouse sell the “Canidae Pure Meadow” Senior it’s new it came out last year there’s Pure Wild Boar & Pure Resolve weight management formula’s came out aswell….
    Look at “Nutro” new grain free formula’s & their Frontier formula’s they are made in Australia they look pretty good theyre on the Pet Circle link above, I quickly had to order a another food when Patch wouldn’t eat the TOTW & the Nutro Essential was 1/2 price $18 so I got a bag it came the next day & Patch loves it & no eating grass & there’s been no following me & whinging. Im buying a bag of “Meals For Mutts” new CN Vital Health Hypoallergenic Holistic Remedy Diet Turkey & Veggies today too try, Patch was feed TOTW & I’d rotate with other brands, TOTW was his go to food if poos went sloppy etc now I need a new go to food if Patch becomes unwell with his IBD.

    Canidae & TOTW & a heap of other best selling Amerian pets foods & treats were tested for Contaminates & 130 Toxins last year, Canidae did really well & so did their other brand called “Under The Sun” But TOTW did poorly with a few of their formula’s, their Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon formula & their High Prairie formula were very high in contaminates & toxins, I’m not allow to post their link or mention the company name on this site but if you google “*******************” you’ll see the site click on it & look at the American pet foods we get over here in Australia, Holistic Select, TOTW, Wellness, Earthborn Holistic they all were very high in toxins they were on the worst top ten dry dog foods back in March 2017 testings & some of these brands formula’s were in the August testings last pages with 1 star for being very high in toxins again….

    Go onto the Australian “Pet Food Review” site he reveiws all our dog foods that are sold here in Australia & he post the name of the company that tests Pet Foods & Baby foods in American, I think it’s really good its about time we know what pet foods & which treats are high in Toxins & Contaminates, he also tells us when there’s a problem with certain pet foods & writes in RED warning us when a pet food is BAD like “Baxters” kibble & treats from Woolworths is killing dogs & Woolworths wont remove it from their shelves they have only removed a few formula’s but they left the Senior & Adult Baxter formula, healthy puppies & adult dogs died within 24-48 hours of being feed a new bag of the Baxter dry dog food, he also posts information on his “Dog Food Review” Facebook page…

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    Emily C

    My two pups (BC and Aussie) have been on TOTW Prairie Puppy from Feb 2017 to Oct 2017. I switched them to TOTW Pacific Stream and they started itching about a month after the switch. I thought maybe it was winter itch, well, it’s summer and they’re STILL itching. NO fleas or ticks or anything else different.
    Have taken them off the TOTW (even tho I just opened a new bag), and am feeding them an all natural diet of protein, veggies and everything they need and am NOT planning on putting them back on anything until this clears.
    AM NOT HAPPY WITH TOTW…Not sure what’s going on, but in reading the above comments, am not putting them back on it.

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    They could be sensitive to something in the Pacific Stream.

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    @ Emily C, it’s great you’re feeding your dogs a LID home prepared but make sure they receive calcium in some form (bones, seaweed calcium, eggshells, etc.)!
    I did not see you mention this as a supplement, hence my comment.

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    joanne l

    Taste of the Wild is now sold in Petco, they never sold this brand before. So they are getting bigger. Also the food is made by Diamond and make a lot of brands. I wonder if companies make so many brands anything can happen to the food I guess, like contamination and product problems.

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    Stephanie S

    Due to food allergies, my two dogs have been on TOTW Pacific Stream for years. In June, 2018, my dogs became extremely ill (vomiting, bloody diarrhea) following two feedings from a newly opened bag. Three months and over $4,000 in vet bills later, my dogs are still trying to recover after eating TOTW’s poison. And, it is poison! You may already be aware, but on August 28, 2018, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Diamond Taste of the Wild dog food (http://truthaboutpetfood.com/taste-of-the-wild-pet-food-class-action-lawsuit/). TOTW’s Pacific Stream, Roasted Bison & Venison and the Puppy formulas have tested positive for arsenic, bpa, cadmum, mercury, lead, total pesticide and acrylamide. Many people have been posting complaints on ConsumerAffairs.com, Amazon.com, Chewy.com reporting symptoms similar to what my dogs are experiencing. Others are posting complaints regarding their dogs suddenly developing itching problems. A couple of people have even posted about their dogs dying after they began vomiting and having bloody diarrhea.

    If your dog is experiencing problems, please file a Pet Food Report via the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine Safety Reporting Portal at http://www.safetyreporting.hhs.gov. You also need to contact your state’s Bureau Chief with the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and report your dog’s illness. You can find the contact information of your state’s Bureau Chief at http://www.aafco.org/Regulatory/State-Information. The Bureau Chiefs are also reporting issues to and working with the FDA Complaint Coordinators and both organizations need as much information as possible.

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    Cynthia P

    My friend just sent me an article about dogs dying of cardiomyopathy being linked to “boutique grain-free dog foods using legumes”. I have been feeding my Shepherds Taste of the Wild Pacific at my vets recommendation. My Rosie died over a year ago with cardiomyopathy…she was only 8 years old. We live on a farm and she was active…then had trouble breathing. I am kind of freaking out right now.

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    Cynthia P

    Cynthia P

    My friend just sent me an article about dogs dying of cardiomyopathy being linked to “boutique grain-free dog foods using legumes”. I have been feeding my Shepherds Taste of the Wild Pacific at my vets recommendation. My Rosie died over a year ago with cardiomyopathy…she was only 8 years old. We live on a farm and she was active…then had trouble breathing. I am kind of freaking out right now.

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    Hi Cynthia-

    I would avoid grain free foods for the moment until the FDA can determine what is the cause of DCM being seen in non common breeds. Better safe than sorry, right?!

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    Cynthia P

    I am going back to Royal Canin for German Shepherds…it was recommending by the founder of a GSD Rescue and she knows the breed inside and out. I switched at my vet’s recommendation a few years ago, but I certainly regret it…my Rosie was my right arm and I still miss her terribly…I pray I did not contribute to her death.

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    Cynthia P

    …just a note…Royal Canin has formulas for a variety of breeds.

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    Hi Cynthia,

    Here’s a link that Lynne D posted today in the “Grain Free Diets & Heart Disease” research & studies done on Golden Retriever, Newhounds, Portuguese water dogs & Beagal adult dogs of varying genetic backgrounds.
    Common findings in affected dogs are large body size, very low blood taurine concentration and diets containing whole-grain rice, rice bran or barley, and lamb meal…


    If you’re feeding a dry kibble you want a dry kibble that has at least 2-3 meat proteins & meat meals as 1st, 2nd & 3rd ingredients then a carb, you want higher the meat proteins & less plant proteins less legumes, less rice, less barley & corn etc..
    Best to rotate your kibble between a few different brands so your dog is getting variety of dry foods & isnt eating the same dry dog food 24/7 also start adding fresh whole natural sources of taurine to diet, raw beef heart, dark chicken meat, eggs, seaweed, krill and brewer’s yeast. Raw meat is fairly rich in taurine, comparable to fish, but cooked meat typically have only 10 milligrams of taurine per ounce, you can buy tin Sardines in spring water & add 2 spoons to 1 of your dog daily meal…

    Here’s a little insert from study done on “Golden Retrievers”

    The contribution of diet merits further investigation, since three of five dogs in this study were eating commercial diets that included lamb or lamb meal and rice as the primary ingredients. Historically, dietary causes of taurine-deficient
    DCM in dogs have been ignored, because taurine is not recognized as an essential amino acid in dogs.
    However, recent studies by Delaney et al, have prompted new insights into the
    possible relation between taurine deficiency in dogs and diets containing whole-grain rice, rice bran or barley, and lamb meal.
    It has been reported that dietary bran rice decreases plasma and whole-blood taurine concentrations in cats by accelerating the excretion of bile acids.
    The role of lamb meal in taurine deficiency remains obscure, but lamb
    meal may limit the bioavailability of sulfur amino acids.
    Recently, low blood taurine concentrations have been identified in a cohort of Newfoundland dogs fed lamb meal and rice.
    In an extensive genetic study performed by Alroyetal. on Portuguese water dogs, two litters were obtained following a breeding of presumptive carriers of DCM. Two
    (29%) of seven puppies in the first litter developed DCM while they were fed a commercial growth formula that included ground corn and poultry byproduct meal as primary ingredients.
    The second litter was fed a lamb meal and rice puppy diet, and eight (89%) of nine puppies developed signs of taurine-deficient DCM.
    The role of diet was not investigated in that study, but it could be hypothesized that the heritable predisposition to taurine-deficient DCM in juvenile Portuguese water dogs was precipitated by feeding a lamb meal and rice diet.
    Torres et al showed that feeding lamb meal and rice to young beagles for 8 months significantly decreased their plasma taurine concentrations during the first month, but no change occurred thereafter, and the depletion was insufficient to cause DCM in these dogs.
    On the other hand, a decreased urinary taurine excretion was observed
    despite a lack of change in plasma taurine concentrations, indicating a certain physiological adaptation to conserve taurine in the face of depletion.
    The main limitation of the study reported here was its retrospective nature and the availability of echocardiographic data. Other echocardiographic measurements would have been useful to examine the systolic dysfunction and to follow the response to therapy. It has been reported that concurrent whole-blood taurine and plasma taurine deficiencies correlate better with myocardial taurine deficiency in dogs
    than either whole-blood taurine or plasma taurine concen-
    tration alone.
    Nonetheless, all subjects included in this study had very low plasma taurine concentrations, which implied a clinically significant taurine deficiency.

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    Cynthia P-
    I think Royal Canin is a great choice. It is recommended by Josh Stern, the cardiologist that is conducting the research at UC Davis involving taurine deficiency possibly due to high volumes of legumes and potatoes in dog food.

    Join the taurine-deficient Dilated Cardiomyapathy FB group for more information. There is a lot of good info. Good luck!

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    christine v

    I live in Australia, and have fed the High Prairie and Appalachian valley TOTW formulas. My dog who has a cast iron stomach and is able to eat anything and everything can not hold down this food. He vomited regularly a few hours after eating TOTW, always with whole undigested kibble in his sick. I persevered as i had 4kgs of dog food here, but he never got used to it, and i was sick of cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night, so I threw both bags in the trash 🙁
    I have rotated through many brands of kibble, and have never encountered this problem. He is now on ‘Stay Loyal” dry food, which is a grain free Australian made and owned brand, and he is thriving.

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    kali s

    I have been feeding my dog TOTW for 7 years. Since the beginning of November 2018, he has been vomiting frequently. We thought it was something he picked up on a walk – so gave it some time to ‘work it’s way through’. After 2 weeks – we took him to the vet for blood tests and xray. Neither caused the vet concern and he was put on a bland diet for 7 days as well anti-nausea and antacid. 7 days without vomiting, but his allergies prevented him from eating rice and he wouldn’t eat pumpkin – so not much fiber. After almost a 48-hour stretch without a bowl movement – he went back to the vet. Vet said since he had been vomit-free for 7 days – he could go back to his regular diet – including kibble. Two days later he was vomiting again, but vet was too busy … with Christmas approaching and dog not holding food down, we went to a new vet. He looked at the blood tests and xray done by the other vet and prescribed another round of anti-nausea. He was fine for 2 days – then started vomiting again when we added the kibble. He’s since had a new round of blood tests with the new vet and a radiologist looked at the x-ray. Still nothing. He is at the vet as I write – getting an ultrasound. After reading this forum, I am becoming more and more convinced that it was the new bag of TOTW we bought. The timing of that purchase coincides with the start of the vomiting. If the ultrasound shows no scary stuff going on … we are not going to try the TOTW again. If he fairs well on the new kibble – we know for certain what the problem is/was.

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    christine v

    My daughter has been reading many complaints about TOTW on her dog forums over the past few months. Whole litters dying or not thriving, claims of high levels of heavy metals in the food. I wont ever recommend this food again.

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    Pat W

    I have been feeding TOTW High Prairie for a couple of years now. We raise Scottish Terriers and I switched to TOTW from Diamond Naturals at the advice of another Scottie breeder. I noticed an immediate improvement in appetite, skin, coat, vitality, etc. At one point I tried switching back to Diamond and immediately had dogs vomiting and refusing to eat, including 2 pregnant females. I don’t usually make an abrupt change in my dogs’ diet, but considering the prospect of losing 2 litters I did an abrupt switch back to TOTW and saw an immediate improvement. I complained to Diamond about my experience and shared the product info with them in the hopes of preventing others from poisoning their dogs. They said there was nothing wrong with that batch. Funny, the extreme vomiting stopped as soon as I changed them back.
    More recently I have been having issues with TOTW High Prairie adult formula. I had been feeding the TOTW High Prairie puppy formula during a breeding cycle (I feed everyone puppy formula because it’s just too much for me to mix up separate batches for the pregnant/nursing bitches), and as we finished up our litters I began switching adult dogs back over to the adult formula. It’s only been 2 days and I am once again having issues- refusing to eat, vomiting, loose stools. I am very concerned, since I recently saw that there has been a class action lawsuit filed against the makers of TOTW for deceptive advertising. Here’s a link to a pdf of the Complaint which was filed in California: https://www.locklaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2018-08-28-Taste-of-the-Wild-Complaint-Grossman-v-Schell-Lampeter-In….pdf
    Page 14 of the Complaint has a chart showing the results of independent testing of TOTW products for heavy metals, pesticides, etc. I’m no nutritionist so I don’t know if these levels are in fact significant, but thought I would share this info with the group.
    I am switching all of my dogs back to TOTW puppy formula for now while I look into changing brands. I have had recommendations from other Scottie people – Fromm and also Royal Canin. If anyone here has had any experience with either of these brands I would love to hear about your experience.

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    joanne l

    I feed Fromm in my rotation along with Holistic Select and I think it is a good choice. I think TOTW might be going down hill because now they sell it at Petco. They never sold it in big box stores so my guess would be the quality went down. But anymore you just can’t tell even by that. Anyway try Fromm. Hope everything works out.

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    Stephanie S

    Pat W. –

    TOTW Puppy formula is one of the three formulas that tested positive for heavy metals, pesticides, acrylamide and BPA…along with Pacific Stream and High Prairie.

    It ended up taking over four months for my dogs to recover after eating TOTW’s poison. Once they were able to go back to dry dog food, their Vet highly recommended putting them on Royal Canin’s Selected Protein Adult PW Moderate Calorie formula, which I did and they’ve been doing extremely well since then!

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    Pat W

    I just wanted to post an update on my issues with TOTW. After feeding this product for 2 years I started having issues with refusal to eat and vomiting. It began when I started switching my adult dogs from TOTW High Prairie puppy to TOTW High Prairie adult formula. (I feed everyone the puppy formula during breeding cycles so I don’t have to worry about who is supposed to get what food.) As I switched our adult dogs over to the adult formula they started having issues. It started with one dog, then 2, and by the second or third day I had 3 vomiting immediately after eating and several others refusing their food. I immediately switched all of them back to the puppy formula and the issues resolved. But as soon as I started a new bag of TOTW puppy everyone was getting sick again. Desperate, after getting recommendations from other breeders, I did an abrupt switch to Merrick. Gastric issues in most of my dogs immediately resolved, however, we had one older dog who continued to have problems, refusing to eat and experiencing gastric discomfort. I treated her with charcoal, turmeric/curcumin, and symethicone. She appeared to be improving and I fed her some boiled chicken and organic grown rice in chicken broth. She appeared to rally for a day or so- even took her for a walk, and then she stopped eating and went rapidly downhill. One of my other dogs had taken a little over two days to begin eating again after I switched her to Merrick, so I figured she would come around after a couple of days. Today, the third day of her not eating, I was planning on bringing her to the vet to see if there was something else they could do for her, but before we could get ready to go she passed away.
    I don’t know what is going on with TOTW, but something must have happened. I was very happy with them for 2 years, now I have 3 large bags of TOTW I will not feed and a dead dog.

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    I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. Are you thinking of having the food tested or a necropsy done? I’m not sure if you realize that TOTW is made by Diamond. As huge as they are, I do not think they have veterinary nutritionists on staff or do feeding trials. Did she have any other symptoms besides not eating? Was she a senior?

    Again, I’m sorry for your loss and I hope your other dogs make a full recovery. Best wishes. 💔

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    Hi Pat,
    Sorry for what has happened 🙁
    if you can afford it I’d cook meals or feed 1 cooked meal & the other meal feed a freeze dried dog food that has human grade ingredients, I’d stay away from dry kibbles & wet can dog foods…
    Take back the 3 bags of TOTW food & get your money back..if pet shop wont refund then contact TOTW..
    also here’s link for FDA to report a problem.

    Ask vet to do full blood test see if liver is OK ??

    My Patch was doing really well on TOTW Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb from 2015-2017 then 2017-Nov he started to go down hill & refused to eat his TOTW Lamb kibble, Patch NEVER refuses food, thats when I knew something was wrong.
    I blammed the TOTW Lamb kibble he was eating had made him very ill being a Diamond product he didnt get better after I stopped teh TOTW kibble so in January 2018 he had endoscope & biopsies done & he has LES – his Lower Esophageal Sphincter flap doesnt close properly this was causing bad acid reflux washing back up & was burning his wind pipe & esophagus were both red & inflammmed but I still think TOTW made him ill aswell, his liver results weren’t good, I’d say a few things were happening cause he does have IBD & Skin Allergies but we are what we eat & he was eating the same dry food I wasnt rotating & feeding any other foods like I normally do….

    Never feed the same brand of pet food month after month, year after year, this is when health problems can start to happen…
    Now I rotate his foods again, I change between 3 different brands now & try & add as much fresh food as possible in his diet.. When I started feeding him “Wellness Core” Large Breed Adult dry & “Wellness Simple” Turkey & Potato he started to get better, he hasnt become ill again..but it took a while for him to get well again

    There’s a company that test/studies for toxins, heavy metals & contaminates they test
    the best selling Pet Foods in America, these dog foods are tested in an accredited analytical chemistry laboratory for 130 harmful environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins. Results are published as Product Ratings.
    I cant post the link as DFA, DFA doesn’t believe in this testing & blocks the link, different batches of Dog/Cat wet, dry & treats get tested every 3-4 months these are all “new different batches” that are being tested everytime, certain brands of pet foods keep coming back time & time again very high in toxins, heavy metals & contaminates &

    TOTW High Prairie adult formula & TOTW Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon have been on the 1 star – high toxins, heavy metals & contaminate list for nilly 2yrs now cause they have poison ingredients in them… 🙁

    Google, heavy metals, toxins in dry dog foods,
    so you can see all the 5 -1 star foods –

    Here’s C L P first 13 x 5 star dry dog foods that tested very well, if you cant find the dry food site C L P I’m talking about.
    Thats if you want to continue feeding a dog food..

    * Buckley Liberty Freeze-Dried Beef Recipe Dry Dog Food
    * Buckley Grain Free Liberty With Lamb Dry Dog Food
    * Buckley Liberty Freeze-Dried Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food
    * Buckley Liberty Grain Free with Chicken Dry Dog Food
    * Canisource Grand Cru All Life Stages Turkey Formula Dehydrated Raw Dry Dog Food
    * CaniSource Grand Cru All Life Stages Pork and Lamb Formula Dehydrated Raw Dry Dog Food
    * CaniSource Grand Cru All Life Stages Red Meat Formula Dehydrated Raw Dry Dog Food
    * BIXBI Rawbble Freeze-Dried Dry Dog Food Duck Recipe
    * BIXBI Rawbble Freeze-Dried Dry Dog Food Chicken Recipe
    * BIXBI Rawbble Freeze-Dried Dry Dog Food Salmon & Chicken Recipe
    * BIXBI Rawbble Dry Dog Food Lamb Recipe
    * I and Love and You Grain Free Naked Essentials With Lamb + Bison Dry Dog Foo
    * I and Love and You Grain Free Naked Essentials With Chicken + Duck Dry Dog Food

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    Eric L

    TOTW High Sierra Diarrhea Issues

    I have fed my Texas Heeler TOTW dog for for all of his 6 1/2 years. This food was one of several recommended by a holistic vet when he was a pup. I have fed him this food consistently, switching the protein source/flavor each new bag. I rotate (excluding the Pacific Stream as he doesn’t like it) and have never had any problems. This last bag I bought was the HIGH PRAIRE variety which we’ve used MANY times before. I checked the expiration date before purchasing as I noted numerous other bags of foods had expired at this store. I then cycled this new food into his daily feeding which is twice daily.

    the first night after feeding him two meals he had diarrhea all over his dog bed. We thought maybe he is sick and this will work out. He had no other abnormal symptoms. He’s had this food many times before. This continued for several nights. I then bought a small bag of TOTW “Sierra Mountain” and started feeding that. The diarrhea resolved. We fed that exclusively for two weeks. My wife told me NOT to feed him the High Prairie again. I thought that I needed to rule that out so I gave him a morning feeding of the High Prairie and evening Sierra Mountain. My wife didn’t know I was doing this. He seemed to be doing better so I thought that I’d go back to two meals of the High Prairie. MY MISTAKE. He had diarrhea all over his dog bed again. I will contact both CHEWY and TOTW to notify them and for you I’ll include the batch info so you can be on the lookout. (Best by 11 Jan 2022 1011 330 TDH0105D2N SMD 08:39)

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    Anna B

    We’ve been feeding our lab TOTW’s Pacific Stream Canine Recipe for just over a year now. He’s done well with it and never had any issues until now. We just bought a new bag yesterday (Sunday) and fed him dinner. Today (Monday) he ate breakfast and threw up mid/late afternoon. He ate dinner and has thrown up twice since.

    I’m convinced it’s the food. He’s not had any treats since starting this new bag of TOTW, and he’s not been boarded or anywhere unsupervised where he could’ve gotten into something. And he’s not been around other dogs to have caught something.

    We’ve been told recently by our vet that TOTW is one of the worst foods you can feed your pet, but we just brushed it off and thought “there’s always going to be something wrong with whatever you decide on”. I’ve done some reading about the whole grain-free thing and how TOTW was included in the list of 16 dog foods that were the worst “offenders” of myocarditis. Maybe it’s God’s timing that the vet mentioned what they did and our poor dog is responding the way he is with this new bag of food. Now I’m on the hunt for new dog food that’s made by a trustworthy company…

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    Kurt W

    Switched to TOTW Pacific Stream for all three of my dogs, the two older dogs eat Pacific Stream adult and my English Bulldog puppy eats Pacific Stream puppy. Everything was fine for the first few months, my Bulldog puppy all the sudden broke out in a mysterious rash? TOTW was not our first suspicion based on some of the ratings TOTW has online. Over the last three days from first noticing the rash it is now out of control. We took him to the vet, the vet prescribed him antibiotics and a steroid.

    My wife and I stopped giving him everything and were just feeding him TOTW, his rash is very bad, we were rubbing coconut oil on his rash, giving him Epsom salt baths “prescribed by the vet” I mean nothing seemed to work it keeps getting worse. Its all over his legs, paws, sides and around his eyes. Stressing out and reading this forum we just switched to home made food, I will say today is the first full day of home made food and he is back to his playful self, he has almost stopped inching all together, the rash does look like its starting to slowly go away.

    Ill post again should the rash go away, TOTW should listen, this is a nightmare for the poor little dude, I will be super pissed if TOTW is the problem.

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    Stephanie S
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    Jennifer L

    My pup is on the High Prairie puppy recipe with Roasted Bison and roasted venison. He has had watery diarrhea since The change to this recipe. I switched him from the salmon puppy recipe about two-three weeks ago due to boredom of the salmon recipe. He has ranged between semi-solid BM’s, to diarrhea BM’s since Ive had him (6 mos). Yes hes been to a vet, we are currently in the market for a new one though, as the previous one refused to acknowledge dogs as having food sensitivities and proceeded to give him a treat that sent him into an itch frenzy all that night, among other things.

    The bison and venison puppy recipe appears to come from MO. Exp date: June 13, 2024. That is all we can read of the production code accurately (it is stamped in tiny letters without ink).

    I already know he is sensitive to chicken and some grains which is why I put him on this Taste of the Wild in the first place. I am just now questioning if it is the food doing this to him.

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