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Moni T

Hi everyone i have a 12 yr 4lb chihuahua.
That got diagnosed with tc about a yr ago. My vet came up with a plan which involve getting a pentason shot 4 time in 1 month then 1 shot monthly. Which helped with his cough and although it used for restless leg syndrome the side effect is that it help the trachea maintain from getting worse so quickly.
But a week ago on monday he staring having a coughing fit so i rushed him to the vet they took xray and it was determines that his trachea had servely collaspe so they prescriped this medication call cerenia (it for neaseua but it also trick the brain into not coughing) it a little on the expensive side 6 dollars a pill but my pup is so small the pill can be cut in 1/4 so 8 pills will do a month. Also i did a consult with a specilast yesterday. And they want to try the cough suppersent first before placing a sent. So hes will getting is pentason shot once a month a cerenia 1/4 pill every 24 hr and hydrocodone liquid form every 6 hours. So far so good i heard him cough like twice compared to coughing almost 24 hours straight that was my breaking my heart. So that all the meds i give him .

but i also i bought on chewy.com from zesty paw the 11 in 1 multivitamin it help with his guts his bladder hip joints skin etc. And it helped alot.

Also changing my ac filter out twice a month. Air purifer and scent free laundry detergent. When i clean my floors i vacum right quick n then put in outside for like 10 mins while i mop with a very light scent mr clean. That doesnt upset him at all.
Also i dnt take him outside if i dont have to i have decided to just put pee pee pads down and let him do his business inside.
Also no candle n no smoke near him at all i smoke(im trying to quit for my n his sake) so ive always gone outside but what i do now is have a shirt i put on to smoke and one i switch out of before i even go near him. If u have air plug in from glade i use clean linen and if you have the febreeze plugin i use the downy or clean linen aswell. N you only need 1 you dont need one in all rooms my pup hasnt responded bad at all to the changed ive done for him. He better with everything we switched up

I cannot stress this enough please get them there bordetella shot every 6 months. Kennel cough is no joke if they have tc.

I hope this helps you guys.
And i hope your pups are doing good and well as i hope mine does for a long while to come. And hopefully dnt need surgery just quite yet. Cause that freaks me out thinking about loosing him. But dnt get me wrong i will do it in a heart beat if the doctor tells me its time

Take it one step at a time guys dont give up. Dnt lose hope there new thing always coming out to help improve there condition a little. N also talk to your vet about a raw diet mine recommend it. You can make it at home or buy the prepackaged one already if you can. (Do research first)