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    Ryan K

    I am pretty sure my dog is dealing with tracheal collapse. He is an 8 year old dachshund-terrier mix and he has been gagging for a month now. I have had him to the vet and checked for kennel cough and even had him on a round of antibiotics. My question is this.is there a good supplement to help strengthen the trachea and does anyone have any recommendations? I would need something Brewer’s Yeast free. I was looking at glucosamine supplements but most seem to have that and I know he gets ear infections if I give him anything with even a tiny bit of that in it. I figure I should start him on glucosamine or something similar as it is since he has slipped a disc in the past and should probably strengthen those things now that he is a senior dog. Any brands that are chewy and good for a 24 pound dog would be appreciated! Thank you!

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    Ryan K

    I should also note that I had him on Vetri-disc last year when he slipped his disc and it made him sick. I am unsure of what could have been in it that made him sick but he threw up continually after taking it. When I discontinued it he was fine.

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    There is no supplement that will help this condition. Most supplements are a waste of money and not all are benign as you noted above.
    It will say on the bottle something like:
    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    In my opinion you would be better off spending your money on more testing.
    So, go back to the vet asap. The first thing you need is a diagnosis. The band aid treatments didn’t work.
    He may need an ultrasound and whatever else the vet thinks in necessary to get to the bottom of this and start an effective treatment.
    Best of luck
    PS: In the meantime, a soft diet (only) may help.

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    Ryan K

    Thanks! I definitely am planning a trip back there. I am super nervous about this as I can’t afford an intensive surgery for him at this time. I hope there are non invasive options to alleviate this issue. He’s not that old so I am crossing my fingers that he can bounce back. He has had a rough year with his disc slip and now this. He is constantly licking his lips like he has something stuck in his mouth. I hope it’s notbing too serious. Such bad timing for his issues right now. 🙁

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    Cathy B

    Hi Ryan K
    My Chi will be 15 in 2 days. Yrs ago my vet said his cough was due to his trachea.
    He’s been on Temaril P for a few yrs now. It was the only thing that helps with his cough.
    I don’t like giving meds for long..but he has to have them. Nothing else really seemed to help him except the temaril.

    I’ve heard glucosamine will help build the his trachea, so you may just have to find the right one for your sweet boy.

    Also never allow smoking around him. No one has been allowed to smoke in my home, car or around my Bubba for 12 yrs now. I don’t burn any scented candles and wash my floors ( and the pet blankets) in dish soap and vinegar. I use an all free laundry soap for clothes and my bed sheets. Smoke, scents and perfumed soaps always triggered a bad cough in him which then aggervated his trachea.

    Yrs ago I even had to make him a tent and put the humidifier on him to help him breathe.
    I’ve never been so scared in my life!
    After changing a lot of things I did, has been what’s helped him the most.

    I’m in Louisiana and when it gets humid here it effects his trachea. I can’t allow him to get hot. You can also give him a few licks of natural honey when the cough is bad. It will soothe his throat.

    Kibble straches the throat. Mine haven’t had kibble in yrs. They eat canned, home-cooked,
    Hope this helps and good luck with your sweet boy.

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    Ryan K

    Thanks Cathy! I will ask my vet about that specific medication. He’s so sensitive to meds though that I’m really nervous about how he will handle them. When he slipped his disc and was paralyzed he was put on steroids, prevacox and gabapentin and each one made him very sick with vomiting and lethargy. I had to just wind up giving him benedryl to relax him during that awful trauma since all pain meds aside from the steroids (those were ok)just wrecked his stomach. My room always has a humidifier going since my house is so dry so that’s good. I don’t smoke or allow smokers in the house so that’s a plus. I might try that tented humidifier idea. That’s smart. I know that my cousin has a little girl with asthma and when her cough gets bad they steam up the shower really good and sit in there for 10 to 20 mins and she calms down. I should give that a try!

    Thank you again! I might just buy some chewy glucosamine treats just to see if he likes them and to help build up some joint and cartilage strength. Hopefully my little guy is ok. He’s such a sweet dog too. Breaks my heart. 😢

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    Cathy B

    Yes, it does break you heart! You always want them to stay happy and healthy. You’re on the right track already! Yes, try the bathroom steam and see if that helps.

    If it gets too bad, you may have to at least try the temaril P and see if it helps.
    It’s been a miracle pill for this one.

    Always sit with him if you do the tent. Don’t walk away. The steam fills up quick and that area will get hot. I don’t leave the area completely covered. I’ve had to do the tent thing about 4 times and it helped.

    I believe coq10 helps too. I bought Dr. Harvey’s a while back and think I’ll place another order.

    And you’re very welcome, Ryan! 🙂

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    If this has been going on for a while (sounds like it has) then based on my experience, I might be inclined to go directly to a specialist (internal medicine veterinarian). Especially if the symptoms have not been alleviated by the regular vet within a reasonable amount of time.

    Over the years I have found that sometimes it is cost effective, as the regular vets are not cheap either and often they don’t have the expertise or the equipment to diagnose.

    I recently had a traumatic event (injury) with one of my dogs, went to the regular vet immediately, times two, only to be referred to the specialist. So, I feel like that money spent was in vain. Plus, the dog was uncomfortable for 3 additional days.
    Next time, I will go directly to the emergency vet.

    PS: I understand your financial concerns. There is never a good time for these things to happen.

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    Did you ever find out what the licking is about?
    My dog does the same thing and he also has Turquia problems

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    Kim J

    Try some good biskets as like parle and tigers for dongs, it’s also a good food for dogs.

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    Andrei C

    Yes, supplements are needed, even if you give a well-balanced diet sometimes you might be missing something your dog may not have. I am using Omega 3 Fish Oils 1000mg 90 Capsules for my Dog, which offers a powerful dose of essential fish oils in one handy omega 3 supplements. A few days ago I have purchased it from Shopbag Sales Wizard Ltd, at an affordable price.

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    Laura L

    Ryan – I see it has been over a year since you posted n this forum. Have you had any luck with treatments for your dachshund terrier?
    I have been researching CT and found that much of the irritation is actually due to digestive issues. Go figure!
    Check out the testimonials from people that have had luck using Ultra-Flex Collagen and Lypozyme to support CT

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    Ryan K

    Hi Laura!
    My dog has been off and on with his hacking Since that initial posting. My vet and I are both inclined to think the cause of his discomfort and hacking is reflux. I actually had a few months Problem free after my cousin mentioned I had way too many plug in air fresheners (the bath and body works wallflowers) in my outlets. I didn’t realize I had one in every room. She said that caused her coworkers cat to be violently ill. When I removed them my dog was literally problem free for three months before “relapsing” about two two months ago. I did test out the wallflowers again though when he had had a few days of no symptoms and it almost instantly flared him up so I believe there is an element of respiratory distress from those fragrances but I also believe it’s a lot to do with what he eats. I have had him on Science Diet Low fat ID and that seems to help. When he gets a flare up of his ravenous licking I give him a half of a Pepcid and omeprozole (at different times during the day). I notice when he gets into a licking fit the most relief he seems to get is honestly letting him go bonkers eating grass outside until he feels better. This usually takes about 25 minutes of him ravenously gulping them down but then he calms down. Sometimes feeding him toast helps too. It’s something in his stomach and keeping it full seems to help. I think he gets reflux from his grazing habits. He doesn’t fill his stomach up with big meals so the acid builds up and overflows. That is my guess and my vet’s too. I should note that I haven’t had any extensive testing done on him…simply bloodwork and physicals. Sadly, he slipped a disc again a month ago and has been on confined bed rest which has been so hard. He hates it. But, he is walking which is great. It’s very scary to see him in pain like that from his back. The pain meds are also an insane trigger for his stomach being upset. I hope this update gives you some insight. Thanks for the link! I am bookmarking it now to read when I get back home! 😀

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    Laura L

    That is crazy that air fresheners can cause that much of a reaction. It makes sense though, I have allergies and can’t use them in my home. Your poor guy seems to have lots of allergy issues. Best of luck with his back.

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    Joshua M

    I just registered with this site because of this thread. That’s a huge deal for me. Primarily to express how grateful I am for the thoughtful, sincere contributions made by Cathy, Ryan, Laura and anonymous. In 30 years of forum diving, this thread is my Holy Grail.
    I know it’s been a while but hope all your pups are as well as can be. The past few years have been a ridiculous onslaught of healthcare issues for my girl Charlotte. She’s a fourteen(ish) year old Jack Russell mix that was displaced by hurricane Katrina. She was already a senior so her background is a genuine mystery.
    Initially I was fostering her and she was in perfectly typical health overall. She was adopted easily enough. So easily in fact that after the 3rd family returned her to me it became clear, I was the one being adopted.🥴
    Everything was fine for a couple of years then bam, a grape sized cyst right in the middle of her back. Biopsy confirmed it was benign so considering her age and the cost of surgery, we decided against removing it. Then she tested positive for Lyme disease, followed by kennel cough which was actually bronchitis and finally, collapsing trachea brought me here.
    Short story long, although I’ve been feeling terribly alone through it all, this thread has assured me I’m not unique.
    God bless you all!🙏

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    Jeniffer P

    Hi all. First of all thank you for writing, I’m getting some positive thoughts upon reading this. I’ll be seeing a specialist this week to confirm the initial diagnosis and layout a strategy plan if it indeed it’s TC. I’m super sad my dog is so young just 3 yrs old. The vet said mild case but still so so worried. How are everyone else’s pets doing? Hope all your fur babies are doing good. I’m starting him in glucosamine and cartilage/joint supplements, as well as probiotics, and anti-allergy natural supplements for gut and allergy-immune defense. Since his gut health and respiratory / anti-allergy health is key. Changed his diet to grain-free salmon as well (Merrick). Any or all advice on signs or things to look out or to keep an eye out on are truly appreciated. Bless you and your paw-besties.

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    Adnan A

    An energetic dog is the best partner one could have. That being said, it is very difficult for them to keep up with their energy unless provided with the right supplements. The top best glucosamine for dogs reviews.

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    Moni T

    Hi everyone i have a 12 yr 4lb chihuahua.
    That got diagnosed with tc about a yr ago. My vet came up with a plan which involve getting a pentason shot 4 time in 1 month then 1 shot monthly. Which helped with his cough and although it used for restless leg syndrome the side effect is that it help the trachea maintain from getting worse so quickly.
    But a week ago on monday he staring having a coughing fit so i rushed him to the vet they took xray and it was determines that his trachea had servely collaspe so they prescriped this medication call cerenia (it for neaseua but it also trick the brain into not coughing) it a little on the expensive side 6 dollars a pill but my pup is so small the pill can be cut in 1/4 so 8 pills will do a month. Also i did a consult with a specilast yesterday. And they want to try the cough suppersent first before placing a sent. So hes will getting is pentason shot once a month a cerenia 1/4 pill every 24 hr and hydrocodone liquid form every 6 hours. So far so good i heard him cough like twice compared to coughing almost 24 hours straight that was my breaking my heart. So that all the meds i give him .

    but i also i bought on chewy.com from zesty paw the 11 in 1 multivitamin it help with his guts his bladder hip joints skin etc. And it helped alot.

    Also changing my ac filter out twice a month. Air purifer and scent free laundry detergent. When i clean my floors i vacum right quick n then put in outside for like 10 mins while i mop with a very light scent mr clean. That doesnt upset him at all.
    Also i dnt take him outside if i dont have to i have decided to just put pee pee pads down and let him do his business inside.
    Also no candle n no smoke near him at all i smoke(im trying to quit for my n his sake) so ive always gone outside but what i do now is have a shirt i put on to smoke and one i switch out of before i even go near him. If u have air plug in from glade i use clean linen and if you have the febreeze plugin i use the downy or clean linen aswell. N you only need 1 you dont need one in all rooms my pup hasnt responded bad at all to the changed ive done for him. He better with everything we switched up

    I cannot stress this enough please get them there bordetella shot every 6 months. Kennel cough is no joke if they have tc.

    I hope this helps you guys.
    And i hope your pups are doing good and well as i hope mine does for a long while to come. And hopefully dnt need surgery just quite yet. Cause that freaks me out thinking about loosing him. But dnt get me wrong i will do it in a heart beat if the doctor tells me its time

    Take it one step at a time guys dont give up. Dnt lose hope there new thing always coming out to help improve there condition a little. N also talk to your vet about a raw diet mine recommend it. You can make it at home or buy the prepackaged one already if you can. (Do research first)

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    Laura L

    Moni – Glad that your vet has a plan for your pup. What is the pentason? I’ve never heard of that one. My good friend was in a similar situation with her yorkie. Rocky is tiny…only 5 pounds. She was giving him cerenia and hydrocodone and he wasn’t really feeling any better. She was worried because that’s a lot of strong medication for a tiny pup. Rocky is what got me to researching CT and alternative products. It’s been about 2 years since I posted above. My friend has been using the Ultraflex and Lypozyme from this site
    and Rocky is doing really good. She changed his food to raw (like you did) and it really helped. He doesn’t gag or choke anymore when he’s eating. Rocky doesn’t need the cerenia at all anymore and he only gets the hydrocodone once in a while…like during the fireworks last week.
    Hope that your dog continues to do well!

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    Ann H

    Hi – there is a reply I sent under the wrong title. It’s about the supplements I have given my dog for tracheal collapse. I put it under “How much food to feed my dog.” It has helped tremendously and saved on vet visits.

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    Bruce M

    Has anyone considered using Elastin Supplements for their little ones?

    Afterall, not only is the cartilage a problem, but so is the membrane.
    Glucosamine and L-Carnitane aid in maintaining a healthy “C” formed cartilage…but there’s still the issue with a sagging membrane.

    Chewy, my Shih-Tzu/Laso-Apso mix was diagnosed with Tracheal Collapse, along with a slight dip in his esophogus, just before his stomach. One Dr. dx’ed him w/a slightly enlarged Left atrium, which could be abutting the esophogus.

    After MANY HOURS of research, I discovered Stanozolol, which is an Anobolic Steroid, which supposedly CURES TC! This info was obtained here:



    And Lastly, here:

    As you can see, these aren’t “Mickey Mouse” websites. I’m halfway through the second bottle (60 ml.) and so far, I don’t see major difference.

    Chewy is also on MANY different supplements.

    Hawthorne Berry extract…
    Manuka honey, Slippery Elm, Lemon Juice & Cinnamon cocktail…
    Krill Oil…
    Fish Oil…
    Milk Thistle (Sillymarin)…
    Dandelion Root…
    Fera Pet Cardiac Support w/Taurine, CoQ10, Hawthorne berry, L-Carnitine Vit. A…
    Flax Seed…
    Turmeric w/Biopine…
    Green Tea extract…
    CBD oil…
    Cell Forte w/IP6.

    There are a few others, but they’re MULTI supplement containers.

    He doesn’t get these all at once, of course.

    The other options for TC…
    Surgery (C rings or stent)…
    body wrecking pharmacueticals…
    Hydrocodone cough syrup (which doesn’t work)…

    I just wanted to share this, ESPECIALLY if your companion is just showing signs of TC!
    DON’T WAIT! When you hear a “Honking Cough”, IMMEDIATELY bring them to your Vet!

    If your companion is in the beginning stage of TC (Grade 1 or less), consider the Stanozolol steroid. Include sufficient amounts of Glucosamine & L-Carnitine. This steroid is compounded by a lab HERE: https://www.wedgewoodpharmacy.com/items/stanozolol-oral-oil-suspension.html

    Your Veterinarian must have a DEA license to order this. 60 ml bottle costs less than $200.00.

    My boy is a GRADE 3 to 4. A Grade 4 is severe. I’m going to order bottle #3 sometime next week. FINGERS CROSSED!

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    My dog was coughing so much especially after drinking water. It was awful to watch him gagging and choking. I have to be super careful and use a harness. Please be careful everybody not to use anything around their neck. My vet suggested we try glucosamine and collagen. The products I am using are ArthroStride and Ultra-Flex Collagen from AskAriel.com There is a lot of information on this site about collapsed trachea. https://www.askariel.com/collapsed-trachea-supplements-s/1896.htm I know how everybody feels because when you see your baby just choking from a sip of water and then he doesn’t want to drink at all, it makes me feel terrible. I did notice these products improved the gagging a lot. It’s not completely gone, but it’s a lot better.

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    fethiye T

    You can check out https://fethiyetours.com/

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