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Janice R

6/1/2021. I purchased Verbac CET Hextra Premium chews. I gave him one waited a day or two before giving him 1 each night. After giving him one the third night consecutively, he began acting anxious, begging for my attention. I thought he was begging for another and corrected him. The next morning, he could not get up by himself, was not eating only drinking enormous amounts of water. Elimination ok. I took him to ER Vet where they diagnosed him with Acute Pancreatitis and Diabetes Mellitis. Due to the enormous $5-$6000 estimate with very poor prognosis, I planned his Euthanasia. I was finally able to get in with his regular Vet. So, now we are trying insulin and low fat diet. After getting him stabelized, I looked at CET Hextra chews, saw they were only 1.0 gm fat, I gave him another. Within 2 hours, again he was distressed with panting and his abdomen became bright red with distension. So, this morning, it dawned on my there might be an association. I found this identical statement from March 2020. I informed my veternarian of what I have found and am waiting to hear back from her. Wish I did a search on “reactions,” verses side effects. I likely would not have purchased. I still may end up Euthanising. Talk about Grieving process.