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Yvonne H

Here is an update on Wanda and her NO-HIDE chew.
Having a sick dog while away from home (and our family vet), in itself, is very stressful.

Our $5 NO-CHEW has now gone over $300 with vet bills.
The vet did a test for Giardia. None found.
The vet put Wanda on a second round of metronidazole and added Purina’s probiotics.
Things are better but not resolved.

Because of this experience, I bought a food processor and a dehydrator.
From here on out, my dogs are getting nothing that I would not eat myself.
I have decided to cook (not raw) for my dogs. I will be making their dog food and treats using human grade products.

As a matter of fact, the slices of dehydrated chicken breast is so good, I have to make extra for the dogs (smile) because I eat it too.

As a side note: Earth Animal representatives, in their emails, appeared to be very concerned about the welfare of my dog UNTIL I let them know I was aware of the class action lawsuit. Since then I have not heard another word from them.

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