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Patricia A

Liz I’m so sorry if she has this disease because from what I read it will be very painful. This usually presents itself at a young age. (The condition occurs in males and females, with an average age of onset of 3 years, though puppies as young as 4 months have been affected. Fortunately, if MMM is diagnosed early, dogs can be treated to increase the likelihood of a full recovery. Research of this disease at the University of California-San Diego led to the development of a blood test in 2004 that detects the presence of 2M antibodies and accurately identifies affected dogs.)
Does she fall into this age group? Also mostly effects jaw but you said jaw is not as bad. It causes extreme pain when trying to eat?
Was allergies and dental issues ruled out? I know scented candles or even bedding or carpet cleaners can be extremely toxic to dogs and exhibit severe allergic reactions.
Keep updating and hope she ends up not being diagnosed with this.