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liz B

I am pretty sure our dog has it. We just drew blood for the 2m antibody blood test and started her on a high dose of prednisone as early treatment is likely to yield a better outcome. I also found that benadryl helps. Not sure if an allergy of some sort is triggering this for her. The first time she could not open her jaw and her eye was swollen we did benadryl with an anti-inflammatory for 2 week and she healed great. This time her jaw is not as bad but her head above her eyes and around her jaw are sunken in which prompted me to ask for the 2m blood test and the prednisone. I am still giving her benadryl as well. Looking for a specialist/immunologist in my area while we await the results for the blood test. I know steroids are not the best but I have had dogs all my life and some have had to take them for one reason or another and never had any issues as we monitored the use. I am curious about a special diet for this if anyone has experience with it.

Recent Replies