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Heather B

I’ll need to check because she has to change food often because they’ll stop eating something for a while. Last time I knew for sure, she was feeding Purina Pro Plan for sensitive stomachs I believe that was the variety. Yes, she’s had fecal floats ran as they’re at the vet’s office constantly. The Vet says it’s not what their eating but I wholeheartedly believe that their diet has a huge role in their overall well-being. She wanted to feed Honest Kitchen for a long time and finally took the plunge. It didn’t last long though. If I remember correctly they either turned their noses up at it or they started having diarrhea. I need to sit down with her and write down the foods she tried and what happened with each one. This list may provide some clues as to what sensitivity they may have. Both of us tried Open Farms (isn’t that made in Canada?) with much optimism. My female Maltese had really bad gas and her stomach could be heard rolling and rumbling around from across the room. She fed this to her two for probably 3 months and it made no difference in their ailments whatsoever. I don’t like that her dogs are being injected with so much stuff so often. She says that it seems like every other “caddy” shot works but those in between don’t.

Recent Replies