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Patricia A

Make sure you give small meals a few times a day as not to have an empty stomach. Also it’s very hard on a dogs stomach to keep switching foods. I believe there has been several studies which state allergy testing for digestive disturbances are a waste of time. https://www.veterinarypracticenews.com/adverse-food-reactions-february-2019/ Just like people you will know if when you feed your dog a certain food and he vomits or has diarrhea. You just have to isolate what food you gave is the culprit. For instance I can give my dog a raw carrot for first time and also the next day maybe a piece of boiled plane salmon from my meal. Then my dog throws up or has diarrhea several hours later or next day. So which is the culprit ? Try again with just the raw carrot and if same thing happens you know dog has digestive disturbance from carrot and I will not feed again. So make sure you start any new food VERY, VERY, VERY slowly and not feed anything else. If after a few days she has upset then the food is not for her. Don’t want to be an endorsement for any particular brand but when I do feed kibble I give Stella chewys raw coated chicken grain free. Reason for this is because there were so many on their f/b forum that had dogs with sensitive stomachs and their dogs do very well on this kibble. AGAin VERY slow change over. Even three kibbles at a time a day and see how she does when introducing a new food.