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jeanne e

RAWHIDE STICKS, BONES, CHEWS & other processed chew treats.

My dog is very sick. BW showed liver level of 950. Normal is about 130 ish. Doing research on the above chew sticks that he loves I came across these toxic ingredients. High liver enzymes can be caused by anything ingested that is toxic. The above, on many different websites showed the following results.
When tested: Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Chromium salts, Formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals have been detected in rawhides. So it’s safe to say that any sort of glues can be used as well!
3-5 days to digest, so whatever given amount, the rawhide with the toxic chemicals sit in their organs and do damage.
The piece of rawhide may be flexible enough and get broke down by the intestinal tract enough to pass (it can take 3-5 days)