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Jude B

Thank you, Patricia. I am still trying things. A local store suggested the Stella and Chewy so I got some of that. They seemed to like for a few days, then not. It’s sitting out on the counter. By the way, does it have to be kept in the refrigerator ? Good advice re putting the food down for ten minutes, but my husband refuses to let me do that. Ughhh. I just got some Ollie and trying that. Maybe I’ll mix some Stella with that.
I made a mistake giving the 19 year old a day old crusted roll and now that’s all she wants. Begs by the side of my bed every night until I give her another one. Have to keep some on my nightstand for her. Isn’t that crazy?
Trying Fromm shredded beef and Weruva too. I could open my own pet food store. Weruva is very low salt so i got some of that. Their customer service is wonderful. I’m just trying everything. And I’m getting exhausted.
I’m going to try putting the food down for ten minutes behind my husbands back and see how that goes. This is getting ridiculous.
Thank you for your advice, Patricia!