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    Jude B

    My dogs won’t eat either of the fresh frozen foods I’ve been feeding them. I’ve tried two of the most advertised, highly rated and expensive human grade foods. I’m at a loss. Was thinking of changing to a canned food like Weruva or Merrick. Never fed them canned food. I have a 3yo cockapoo, 3yo min poodle and 19 yo min poodle who the vet is encouraging me to put on pro plan bright mind.
    I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you!!

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    Patricia A

    Jude with the 19 year old I could relate not eating. My 17 year old Chihuahua who was put to rest had Mitral Valve disease . Was active and fine the year before and enjoyed her food. This being only Uhh Fromm kibble. My journey of her not eating that anymore led me to several different canned food. No luck with that either for her. I started to cook everything for her. One day she would eat boiled chicken and the next not. Shredded steak then would walk away. I was virtually at her all day just getting some nutrition in her. Oatmeal, eggs, salmon etc. Also would have to hide her heart pill in food. She would taste pill and spit out. Got to the point I thought I found the trick with a ltttle ice cream with pill smashed up in it. That didn’t last either. So many reasons I’m sure your 19 year old is not eating as she did.
    My journey with Hannah opened my mind to nutrition for my other two dogs. That led me to freeze dried. Wasn’t ready to give up kibble so switched to Stella chewy’s which I trust to be very good for a kibble. But researched the best freeze dried along with a small portion of kibble and also home cooked.
    With your 3 year old what was she eating before you fed fresh frozen? Maybe just not appealing to her. Does she even try to taste it and then turn away. If she doesn’t even do that then leave out a bit and refrigerate and try again later. If healthy she’ll eat eventually.
    I feed my 11 year old Chihuahua ( she lover all food) and my 5 year old freeze dried. Doesn’t break the bank since they are small. Also home cooked that we eat when appropriate. They always get pieces of boiled egg in morning for breakfast. I also stretch the freeze dried with Stella chewys raw coated chicken kibble grain free. Most picky dogs LOVE their food. So I rated with Primal freeze dried. Only 5* ratings for the lower fat. Also Stella chewys freeze dried patties 5* proteins/flavor also. They also love Bixbi Rawwble and Open farm freeze dried. I give this as treats.
    So all of these were introduced VERY, VERY, VERY slowly. They both gobble up their freeze dried soaked in a little warm water to hydrate and a little Stella’s kibble.
    My trick with my pickle 5 year old was to put down and take away. She knew I meant business and ate her much better quality food then just kibble. Now she drools before I put bowl down.As I said kibble is a VERY small portion of their diet but they just love the Stella’s so I still give a little mixed in. I like variety. All healthy blood work also. Hope this helps.

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    Jude B

    Thank you, Patricia. I am still trying things. A local store suggested the Stella and Chewy so I got some of that. They seemed to like for a few days, then not. It’s sitting out on the counter. By the way, does it have to be kept in the refrigerator ? Good advice re putting the food down for ten minutes, but my husband refuses to let me do that. Ughhh. I just got some Ollie and trying that. Maybe I’ll mix some Stella with that.
    I made a mistake giving the 19 year old a day old crusted roll and now that’s all she wants. Begs by the side of my bed every night until I give her another one. Have to keep some on my nightstand for her. Isn’t that crazy?
    Trying Fromm shredded beef and Weruva too. I could open my own pet food store. Weruva is very low salt so i got some of that. Their customer service is wonderful. I’m just trying everything. And I’m getting exhausted.
    I’m going to try putting the food down for ten minutes behind my husbands back and see how that goes. This is getting ridiculous.
    Thank you for your advice, Patricia!

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    Patricia A

    Jude you’re welcome. Been through everything you’re going through. Yes..it was EXHAUSTING. But you’re doing the best you can for your dog you love and needs you now. So did I so I can sleep knowing that we were trying our hardest to make her comfortable and keep her going as long as she can without any suffering.
    I laughed when you wrote “Have to keep some on my nightstand for her. Isn’t that crazy?” Yes and so is my husband and I making believe we’re eating her food and going om om om om mmmm so she would then eat. lol “This is getting ridiculous” lol our exact words then too.
    Try a little scrambled egg Jude. Hannah seemed to eat that for a longer stretch. Thoughts with you and glad I helped by at least relating.

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    Lacey S

    I was just in this situation too. Not fun! It sounds like you’re feeding your little ones high quality stuff. Be careful with the wet foods… many of them contain artificial preservatives like potassium sorbate, so be sure to read the label.

    Have you happened to try any food toppers yet? Maybe that will help?

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    Jude B

    Thank you, Patricia and Lacey. Here’s my latest issue. Nobody wants to eat in the morning. I now have to feed brunch and then a later dinner. Hah. These kids of mine are too much. I am feeding a little of the Stella and Chewy with their Farmers Dog. They like that, but I don’t give my little 19 year old that. I found if I put some baby food mixed in, little gerbers chicken sticks cut up, she will eat hers. She only wants to eat once a day, though. I’m hanging in there. This is a full time job!

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    Jossy J

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie. I love dogs and I believe we’ll be able to help each other. Kinder, my pet, is a mini Chihuahua and he’s so cute. When he was just 6 months old, he refused to eat during the day, and his blood sugar would drop in the evening, requiring him to be resuscitated. Later found out that the poor thing had dental issues.

    Jossy, Broohon
    employee monitoring

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