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Eric L

TOTW High Sierra Diarrhea Issues

I have fed my Texas Heeler TOTW dog for for all of his 6 1/2 years. This food was one of several recommended by a holistic vet when he was a pup. I have fed him this food consistently, switching the protein source/flavor each new bag. I rotate (excluding the Pacific Stream as he doesn’t like it) and have never had any problems. This last bag I bought was the HIGH PRAIRE variety which we’ve used MANY times before. I checked the expiration date before purchasing as I noted numerous other bags of foods had expired at this store. I then cycled this new food into his daily feeding which is twice daily.

the first night after feeding him two meals he had diarrhea all over his dog bed. We thought maybe he is sick and this will work out. He had no other abnormal symptoms. He’s had this food many times before. This continued for several nights. I then bought a small bag of TOTW “Sierra Mountain” and started feeding that. The diarrhea resolved. We fed that exclusively for two weeks. My wife told me NOT to feed him the High Prairie again. I thought that I needed to rule that out so I gave him a morning feeding of the High Prairie and evening Sierra Mountain. My wife didn’t know I was doing this. He seemed to be doing better so I thought that I’d go back to two meals of the High Prairie. MY MISTAKE. He had diarrhea all over his dog bed again. I will contact both CHEWY and TOTW to notify them and for you I’ll include the batch info so you can be on the lookout. (Best by 11 Jan 2022 1011 330 TDH0105D2N SMD 08:39)