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Joanne S

For anyone wanting to know more about Ross Wells raw food…

Since the Ross Wells Titan Red and Titan Blue blends…AAFCO for ALS commercial raw grinds…have been discussed lately on threads where people are looking to reduce their costs or because DIY is not a good fit and because I know the two brothers (John and Robert) who own Ross Wells, it crossed my mind that others might be interested in what I know about them. So here goes for starters and any questions just ask…I’ll do my best. But John is very easy to talk to and the absolute best resource since he produces these foods. If you are interested call John at 262-242-0200 to see if there is a buying group near you…they don’t all have an online presence for Google or Facebook to find. Each buying group will add prorated shipping costs and those will vary by group size and location.

Is RW the Cadillac of commercial raw grinds? No. But the RW Titans are a very good pre-made, complete and balanced raw grind priced affordably enough for pretty much anyone who feeds a decent quality kibble. I’ve been feeding RW to multiple dogs for over 15 years. As have many of my friends since RW is local for us. And we all feel blessed to be in RW’s back yard for in person pick up at either their plant in Medford, WI or their office in Mequon, WI.

The reasons Ross Wells products are so inexpensive are as follows. They don’t market their products at all. They recently created a website and it’s very no frills. Most people don’t understand how terribly expensive marketing is. They also don’t ship product below a large minimum order so only buying groups and zoos, etc. can afford to order their products shipped…a huge overhead savings. And their product packaging is very basic. They don’t spend money on pretty. John and his brother Robert are two very down to earth guys who epitomize Midwestern values…they are in business to make a profit but they are not profit driven. And John is constantly looking for low pricing on raw materials. The only downside is that not everyone lives within reasonable driving distance to a RW buying group or to their plant or office.

Ross Wells raw foods do not contain 3/4D meat. Many years ago when RW began producing raw food, they used to make a raw grind *specifically for*, at *their request* and sold *only to* sled dog team handlers who fed tens to hundreds of dogs and to other customers who specifically requested it. These mushers directly requested 3/4D meat in order to reduce their monumental feeding costs. RW has always used only human grade meat for their pet food lines and stopped producing the sled dog line a few years ago when some of their pet food customers had concerns about potential cross contamination.

Titan Red and Titan Blue do not contain charcoal. The RW single proteins didn’t used to contain charcoal but do now because the state forced John to denature them to prevent them from potentially being misconstrued as human food. Ross Wells’ main business is ingredient sales to major dog food companies so once they pick up human grade meats with their trucks those meats automatically lose their legal human grade food status. Chain of custody is very important to the USDA.

There are a few raw food distributors who now stock Ross Wells products but their ship charges can be hefty. You can always call John to verify that he provides product to the distributor you are considering if you’d like to confirm product authenticity.

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