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Patricia A

BellaBea if you require a food that is limited ingredients and grain free dry there are many. One example is Open Farm. Here is a link which lets you look at chart to pick one for your dogs needs. I believe their Salmon is grain free/chicken free. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0016/2509/6305/files/highlights-premium-nutrition-dietary-sensitivities-chart.pdf?152945
I also suggest Stella Chewy’s grain free limited ingredients or Natures Logic. You also can’t go wrong with store brought raw or freeze dried for convenience. You pick the protein and contains no peas or extra fillers or grains. To name a few there’s Primal, Open Farm, Vital Essentials, Small Batch, Bixbi Rawwbles. All 5* reviews. Just make sure ANY new food is introduced VERY, VERY, VERY slowly.