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Patricia A

. I feed Primal Freeze dried. Believe more expensive then the raw however I have Chihuahuas’ so doesn’t break the bank. I also add at times some kibble. That being Stella Chewy’s with freeze dried pieces. The kibble is a VERY small part of their diet. My two are also fed boiled chicken, salmon, lean steak, watermelon, string beans, carrots, pieces of apple, plain yogur etc. and 1/4 of a hard boiled egg for breakfast.
You can try the Primal freeze dried in the different flavors/proteins. Mine does well with the duck, chicken, rabbit, and they LOVE the turkey/Sardine. The DFA rates all these proteins 5*. I use Stella chewys also in freeze dried being chicken, venison blend. Just needs to be hydrated with some warm water .
So sounds like you have a good plan to me Maria. Just go slow with introduction so he’s used to it by the time it’s necessary to feed.

Recent Replies