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    Maria P

    Hello. Just got a 7-8 month mixed large breed rescue. (They think German Shepherd/Labrador/who knows what else). I just purchased the Primal Raw frozen patties to start him on healthier food. I’m concerned about what we will do when we need to travel or if we want to take a road trip with him or something. I was considering alternating with a freeze-dried food so he gets used to both in case we need to board him or something one day. What is everyone’s opinion? Is it okay to alternate a few times a week between commercial raw, freeze-dried and throw in some cooked chicken or homemade turkey meatballs for snacks sometimes? Thank you!

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    Patricia A

    . I feed Primal Freeze dried. Believe more expensive then the raw however I have Chihuahuas’ so doesn’t break the bank. I also add at times some kibble. That being Stella Chewy’s with freeze dried pieces. The kibble is a VERY small part of their diet. My two are also fed boiled chicken, salmon, lean steak, watermelon, string beans, carrots, pieces of apple, plain yogur etc. and 1/4 of a hard boiled egg for breakfast.
    You can try the Primal freeze dried in the different flavors/proteins. Mine does well with the duck, chicken, rabbit, and they LOVE the turkey/Sardine. The DFA rates all these proteins 5*. I use Stella chewys also in freeze dried being chicken, venison blend. Just needs to be hydrated with some warm water .
    So sounds like you have a good plan to me Maria. Just go slow with introduction so he’s used to it by the time it’s necessary to feed.

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    Maria P

    Thank you 🙏 I just saw this reply. It turns out that she has distemper and may not make it 😢 that explains the lack of eating. Thank you for the help though.

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