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Laura L

My dog had increased liver numbers and was diagnosed with possible Cushing’s not too long ago. We started a few supplements suggested by our vet and decided to hold off on the drugs. Since we started the supplements (https://www.askariel.com/natural-remedies-for-cushings-disease-s/1848.htm) her thirst and her pot belly seem to be a little better. We’re giving her the Cushing’s one and the Liver Kit. The vet said that if we can get her liver numbers down and manage her symptoms, we may not need to start her on Vetoryl. The supplement company gave us some food suggestions too and our dog really likes it. She is a big dog with a few other things going on, so it may not be right for your Bichon, but you should try reaching out to Ask Ariel. We go back to the vet in a few weeks for another follow-up, but for now, It seems like our girl is feeling pretty good.